No Condition is Permanent

In order for us to truly appreciate life and keep a level head through the good and the bad, we must understand that the difficulties in life is there for a reason. It is intended to make us better not bitter. When we go through a difficulty, it should make us stronger not weaker. So count it all joy like the scripture says because what seems so hard right now will look like a "warm up" for you in the future when you come across the same situation. And people are going to wonder why you are so calm under such pressure without knowing that this is not your first go around. 

True happiness in life is how you choose to see things. I've always told people that because I try to find a reason to smile through a difficult situation doesn't mean I enjoy pain and suffering. I've learned to understand that there is no condition in life that is permanent - good or bad. All conditions are meant to change either for the good or for the bad. Any situation you find yourself in, …

From the Persecuted to the Persecutor?

On this July 4th; as we celebrate the independence day of the United States of America, it is also important for us all to acknowledge the simple fact that the word "united" seem to be missing from the Church, especially our country these days. 
As Christians, the big questions we should be asking ourselves is: 
Have we somehow gone from being the Persecuted to now the Persecutor? Are we harassing and forcing religion on people through our political beliefs? 
To persecute people is to pursue them with harassing or oppressive treatment, especially because of their religious or political beliefs, ethnic or racial background, gender, and/or sexual orientation. 
Having a different belief from someone doesn't give anyone the right to become a persecutor. We cannot complain about being persecuted for being a Christian and then turn around doing the same. The Bible is clear about Christians to expect persecution as part of our journey, and not the other way around. Happy 4th to…

Democrats vs Republicans vs Christianity

It is clear that the division we have in America right now is mainly from the two major political views. Left, right, far left, far right, liberals, conservatives and whatever else you want to call it. Both parties clearly have policies that contradicts the scriptures. So I'm yet to understand why one party would think they are the party of "Christians."

Most Democrats spend their political career letting people know they are not all about "Church stuff " even though they believe in God. They generally agree with laws to punish Christians who choose not to participate in something like "gay marriage" that contradicts Christian's beliefs.

Most Republicans spend their political careers preaching morals and "Church stuff." But when they have a candidate that crosses those red lines so many times, they start preaching grace and going out of their way to defend evil deeds just to protect their party. Notice I said most and not all when refer…

If Slavery is a "Choice"....

Saying that years of slavery was a choice, is like saying:

1. Racism is a myth and never existed. Racism is fake news.
2. Rape is consensual and not a crime because it takes two to mingle.
3. Noose is a beautiful necklace that black people need to be grateful for.
4. "Black slaves" were actually White folks who choose to use black paint on their skin.
5. The Klans, like president Trump's dad, who was proud to be one, have the KKK initials because of their super kindness (kind-kinder-kindest) to black people.
6. President Trump's nick name is "Honest Trump" because he his the most truthful president we've ever known.
7. Kanye West's foolish view of slavery being a choice is a fact because all the black kids that were molested during slavery were all happy to have their innocence taken away from them. All those that were killed while trying to escape truly enjoyed being beaten and treated like piece of crap. 
Why would someone be killed for trying to escape i…

Jesus The Immigrant

What Jesus the Christ has in common with DACA kids - aka dreamers.
Oh foolish "American evangelicals" who has so bewitched you? (Gal. 3:1) I had to replace the word Galatians with American Evangelicals. Wrong is wrong regardless of who the perpetrator is. We can condemn wrong doings without condemning a person. Shame on "evangelical leaders" and other Christian leaders including their base for joining the White house to treat DACA - a moral issue like a political football. DACA is a moral issue, not political. No one is advocating illegal immigration and DACA kids are NOT illegal immigrants. Good people disobey bad laws. Like Dr. M.L. King said: "One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws." 
"Jesus of Nazareth" as he is often called, was born in Bethlehem not Nazareth. Yes, we know the prophecy had to be fulfilled but Jesus the Christ was taken by his parents as a baby to Egypt and eventually to Nazareth when it was safe to do so. His…

Did God Pick Trump to be the President?

I just dislike the fact that my Republican colleagues deeply believe that Donald Trump was put in the oval office by God. Most of them actually believe that government official are put in office by God; well, unless the government official is named Barack Obama or is a democrat. This is one of the major reason people can't stand Christianity anymore and this is why it's getting harder and tougher to preach the gospel.

We need to stop twisting the scriptures to favor us. God created and approved the system of governing, which includes:
Parents and KidsEmployers and EmployeesLeaders and Followers, etc.. No, God does not hand pick anyone to fill these positions. If you believe God picked one, then he picked them all and you should have supported Obama the way you are rolling over to support Trump. If God picked them all, then He is a partial God because there are a lot of good Christians around the world suffering in the hands of malicious leaders.

Christians are the spiritual Israe…

To Kneel or Stand for the National Anthem

I would like to quickly address the issue with kneeling during the national anthem and the National Football League(NFL). For the international readers here, you may not have heard that there is a major debate about athletes kneeling during the USA national anthem, which is contractually played before an NFL game.
To keep this as brief as possible, I will only pick the top 3 comments (paraphrased) that I've received in the past few weeks from critics of the players protesting police brutality. Again, like I've always said, not all cops are bad but we cannot deny the significant difference when it comes to the treatment of people of color, which is something some cops have openly admitted to.
Our current president has clearly misled most people to believe that NFL players are kneeling because they choose to disrespect the flag instead of protesting police brutality, and this misinformation has led to comments like these.
Comment:::  It's disrespectful to kneel for the anthe…

"The key to success" - There is no such thing

There is no special "key" or way to becoming successful in life because success means different things to different people. Any of these "keys" for success can be duplicated or modified by anyone. Also, anyone at anytime can create a brand new key to success. Life is a journey so go explore.

Singing In Worship

How often do you find yourself smiling when you hear a bunch of kids singing happily, even when they are not "100%" on key? Very often I would think because you see the honesty from their hearts, and you can tell they pay less or no attention to the harmony. Now think about how God feels when he listens to melody from our hearts even when all the notes are not on point or in complete harmony. Do you think this is just another one of a million reasons why Jesus wants us to be like little children? If so, why don't we adopt such attitude towards singing with an open heart and giving thanks to the Holy one? 
Most people don't recite "book, chapter and verse" on their way home from a Sunday worship especially when driving or walking by themselves. Yet, you would agree that the majority of Christians are either talking or thinking about:  how boring or how great the worship service was; and/orhow excited they feel for "praising God today."Yes, it has a l…

Successful Young Men - Black vs White Perception

According to the Economic Policy Institute, Black Men make twenty-two percent (22%) less than White Men with the same background. This is the reality of young Black Men in America today and this is why people of color will hardly get the respect or credit the so much deserve.

These young Black Men will always be seen as inferior and less important regardless of the hurdles they endure on a daily basis. Parents need to start raising their kids to see colored people as human beings that deserve to be treated with respect and dignity like everyone else. Employees must do better and have an open mind; open door and see people, not colors.

This is no surprise that when a young Black Man fights through ten times the hurdle as his counterpart to earn less, his success is not only undermined but also insulted. These are the top 3 things that most people say about thriving young men.

Young Black Man

He is a drug dealer (Marijuana, Cocaine, etc)He is an entertainer (Hip-hop/R&B artist, Movi…