Questions(Q) and Answers(A)
This page is updated periodically. New questions are added with answers when deemed frequent.
  • Are you talking about me in this or that post?

    If I was, I will mention your name. If it's generic and you fall in the category or if what I said struck a cord, then have an open mind to think through it. There's been times when I ask myself the same question while I'm writing. When this happens, I usually poke myself 3 times in the head while repeating the word guilty. But I cannot let my personal wrong doing or feelings replace the bible truth, so I refuse to sugar coat anything simply because it applies to me too. My priority should be to do better and so should you
  • How much is your speaking fee?

    I charge ZERO speaking fee. This is why it's tough to get me booked. I have a life outside of giving speeches, teaching and writing. If you really feel like you must give something, then give it to an Orphanage or a Children's home. DO NOT give it in my name; just give it.
  • How can I donate to support your website?

    I do not accept donations but thanks for the thought. It is greatly appreciated. You are welcome to give the donation to charity. This "blog" is something I do on my spare time and not a source of income.
  • Is that really your personal phone number?

    NO. The number is specifically for this blog. Feel free to call or text 24/7. Callbacks, answers or response are not guaranteed.
  • I read your post about this and that, is this what you believe?

    Yes. However, you can't always put every detail in one post. I've written hundreds of piece in my lifetime so forming a complete opinion about my belief over just one post, is insane to say the least. The best way to know me or have a better view of what I stand for, on a specific issue, is to read more related topics or talk to me.
  • Where is such and such topic?

    You can use the "search" box or look in the archive section. Some post may also be unavailable online if it was temporarily removed or permanently deleted based on many factors, which includes relevance, category, etc. I may choose to re-post a topic if need be.
  • Are you looking for Representation?

    No, thanks. I do not have an agent and do not need one at this time. Anyone acting as my "agent" is not acting on my behalf. If I don't personally agree to speak at your event or congregation, then I will not show up to speak at your event or congregation - simple. If/When this change, I will make it public. Anyone claiming to be my agent, is simply a fraud. Please, ignore such a person and use the contact form on this website to report such.
  • How much do you charge for advertisement?

    I do not allow advertisement on my website, which is also one of the reasons comments are not allowed to avoid abuse of the comment section. So the answer to this question is ZERO. I have heard "reasons" why I should allow advertisements but I prefer less distractions for my readers. Not to mention, most advertisers who often contact me are those who want to control narratives or distort the truth with money.
  • Why didn't you respond to my email?

    It is humanly impossible for me to respond to all messages because there is only 24 hours in a day. I do my very best to occasionally respond to messages. However, I do read your messages even if it's a day, a week or a month later.
  • How long have you been on

    My blog has been around since 2007. This was originally an "email subscription required" private blog, focused on life tips and racial discrimination. It was made public a few years ago and restructured to include topics about Christianity.
  • What is your political affiliation?

    I'm Unaffiliated. Yes, literally Unaffiliated, which means I can no longer vote during the primary election. I can only vote in the general  elections - if I choose to. I changed my party affiliation when I got sick and tired of party politics because political parties started looking more like a cult. The only affiliation that matters, is the party of the Lamb that was slain on mount Calvary - not elephants and donkeys.
  • You spelled ___ wrong. Do you even proofread your post?

    The simple answer is, not really. However, I do double check my Bible quotes even if it's John 3:16, just to make sure it's correct and that the overall message is clear enough. I hardly spell-check my blog post because by the time I'm done typing, which usually happens very fast to get the thought out of my head; I usually have little to no time to proofread or spell check. So if you see a mistake or concern, feel free to use the contact form to make it known and I will fix it.
  • Why can't I subscribe to your blog?

    Don't you guys already have enough email blast from everyone else? You have an option to bookmark this blog or share it with yourself and your friends. This will help you remember. This blog is currently open to the public so you can access it at anytime from anywhere on any device. Besides, I don't post that often so feel free to occasionally come by to check for new post or to refresh your memory; no need to subscribe.
  • What is your Facebook link?

    I have no social media platform or pages at this time. I will update you all if anything changes. If a social media page link is not posted here, then it's not mine. If a recommendation is not made here, then it will not be made anywhere else. There's a ton of social platform out there but I made a choice to stick with my blog. It's also on the "internet" and I don't have to worry about violating any "terms" that may be aimed at silencing the truth.
  • Do you have photos to share?

    I occasionally visit various places and churches and I love my privacy. Someone once told me during a brief conversation that I reminded them of me without knowing it was me they were actually talking to. Some people said my blog doesn't have a photo of me because I'm too scared to show my face. Sorry to disappoint you because the only one that scares me is the one that can destroy both the body and the soul. Maybe I should add a photo, so people can stop asking.
  • Can you give me tips on how to be a blogger?

    I'm not a "blogger" and I don't like to be called one. I'm just doing my part to reduce the growing division that exist among us as a society and especially as Christians. This is one of the mediums I choose to let the truth be known. Discrimination cannot be eliminated but it can be drastically reduced if we choose to do the very little that we all can. My tip: go tell the uncompromising truth without hatred.

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