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Understanding is the Key to any Relationship

To understand one another in a relationship is to "stand-under" by supporting and putting the relationship first. Did you notice my "word play" above? I flipped the word "understand" backwards to explain my point. The easiest example I often use is a table. If you want a relationship to work, then learn to stay humble by being a leg of the table. If the top of the table represents your relationship and all parties involved represents the legs of the table, then that top, which is the relationship will always take precedent over everyone involved.

Everyone involved will always put the relationship first and focus on holding it up. When pride kicks in and one of the legs decides to show off by being bossy, that table top, which is the relationship will begin to wobble and may fall if that prideful leg doesn't get back where it belongs. Now imagine if all parties involved think too highly of themselves and then move away from underneath the table top; the…