"The" key to success - There is no such key

"There is a key for success depending on the circumstances and your willingness to find it.- Abraham Inetianbor

There are several ways to becoming successful in life because success means different things to different people. Any of these "keys" for success can be duplicated or modified by anyone at anytime and a brand new key to success can be created by a new mind that thinks outside the box.
"The key" to success doesn't exist. There are several ways to get to a local store but it all depends on what store you are going to and where you live in proximity. You can't have a goal without a plan on how to reach that goal. If your goal is to get to your local store, then your plan should be to know what store, distance based on your location and then take that first step if it's worth it.

My Top 5 tips for Success:
1. Be Your Own Bank and Plan for "raining days"
  • Do not plan your expenses based on someone else's income. Your parents, friends and family should not be your primary source of income. Think about what you can do for others not what others can do for you. Staying discipline and spending less than you earn will make everything else that comes your way look like a big bonus. If your own a business, focus on profit not popularity. Plan for emergencies like Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 11:1-2. I've always been a big believer in the "no income = no expenditure" policy. When your total expenses including your debt is less than half of your income, then you have a better chance of being a "successful" person in whatever you do.
2. Be Decisive and Time Conscious
  • Be willing to make a decision and live with the consequences - good or bad. This doesn't mean a rush to judgement. It simply means you cannot dwell on one issue forever. If you believe that "time is money", then you should also believe that waste of time is waste of money. Don't entertain the idea of what you think you want or deserve if your basic needs have not been met. When your wants becomes your needs, you will most likely loose. You don't want groceries, you need it. You don't need video games, you want it. Decide what your wants and needs are, then follow it up with a plan.
3. Be Courageous and Flexible
  • Don't be scared to be different. What worked for others may not work for you. Work towards maximizing your strength and use it to limit the impact of your weaknesses. Do what works for you and be open to flexibility. This is not the year 1948 so flexibility is paramount in today's society. If you are in a downward trend industry, don't wait for things to go completely wrong before weighing your options for a possible change. With growing technology, this is a new age where things (employment, businesses, industries) can change in no time so be flexible. Be prepared for changes because no condition is permanent in life.
4. Be Willing and Able
  • The willingness to work means accepting opportunities that comes your way. These opportunities can be permanent or temporary but your primary approach should be to ask yourself if it's an upgrade from being employed. Even if it's not in your field, it could be an opportunity to learn something new. You've probably heard the phrase: "the best ability is availability." One of the best ways to make yourself available and able to work is to live a healthy lifestyle, and learn as much as you possibly can because knowledge is power. This is a good way to avoid excuses when an opportunity presents itself. Be willing to flip burgers at a place like McDonald's instead of flipping TV channels from your couch. 
5. Be Content and Give Happily
  • Contentment doesn't mean you should stop hustling or bursting your tail by working both hard and smart. You can work hard and smart without ignoring God in your life. Don't work so hard because you want to keep up with the Jones's. Work hard and smart for you and your goals. Give without expectation especially to those who you know are not able to give back to you (orphans). Give without keeping track of every dime you give but this doesn't mean you should go bankrupt. Only give within your means and always pray for wisdom on how to spend your hard earned money. 
Those who value the little things in life will always appreciate more because their definition of more is anything above their basic needs. People who don't value little things in life will never value more because more to them will always be their little, and a never ending cravings for more, will be their more.

Life is a journey so go explore.