Living in the Moment with a Shallow Mindset - A Lost Church in a Lost Society

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Lyrical content once carried a lot of value in some genres of music. These days, if you have one nice drumbeat, you're quickly crowned a rock-star! One hit song with meaningless lyrics, can quickly catapult you into stardom or even a shallow debate about being the greatest artist ever. To win public perception of you or to be considered for "dad of the year" award, all you need to do is post a picture of you and your kid on social media and wait to be celebrated with lots of emojis. There are hardworking moms out there who sometimes forget to put make-up on because they are too busy running a business, being a mom, wife and/or an employee. They are not chasing after accolades, they are just doing what they do best.

Yet, these kind of parents are NOT the first thing that comes to mind when society chooses to crown the mother or father of the year. The other "Parents" who hardly care about how to change a diaper; can afford five babysitters and a chef, are raved about. The best times they spend with their kid(s) is when they need a nice photo or video for a social media post. Let's not even talk about the number of shots it takes for them to get that perfect angle and smile. This is often referred to as "living in the moment." No, I'm not saying everyone who post their kids on social media is guilty. But you get my point of what a brainwashed society puts more credibility to. All you need is that one good post to negate your failing actions or lack thereof. Then you'll get all the love and emojis to help blur what you really represent.

Before I give you an example of selfishly living in the moment that made me roll my eyes today, let me remind you all that the devil quoted the scriptures to Jesus in Matthew 4:6 but Jesus REFUSED to take the bait. What the devil quoted was NOT wrong but Jesus knew it was selfish, a test and a manipulation of the truth to gain LOYALTYJesus did not care about the devil quoting the scriptures correctly because light and darkness have NO relationship. "I never knew you..." in Matthew 7:23 does not mean that the creator of the universe doesn't KNOW you exist. It simply means there is no relationship whatsoever regardless of what you claim to do in His name. So if we choose to mess around with His name for publicity; that's on us. Jesus also said a great and priceless message can become worthless depending on who you are, and how the receiver perceives the message based on your actions (Matthew 7:5-6).

Selfishly living in the moment can be very dangerous because it creates shallow mindedness. And such mindset lacks depth because the reasoning behind it is artificial and temporary - much like the foolish man that builds his house on the sand with no solid foundation. An example of selfishly living in the moment is when a tweet goes out declaring today (March 15, 2020) a national day of prayer; then your phone starts blowing up with calls, emails and messages from some Christians and church goers. You have to do a double take to make sure the praises going to the person behind the tweet, is not the Savior of the world. Then you realize that more than ninety-five percent of this same twitter account, holds thousands of tweets filled with hate, racism, insults, ungodly, egocentric, misogyny, crafted lies, arrogance, prideful, demeaning, unrepentant and discriminating messages, which matches the lifestyle of the person behind it.

The current president of the United States asked for a national day of prayer and some Christians already want to crown him king of kings. As Christians, it's our RESPONSIBILITY to pray everywhere at all times (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). We take instructions from God, not from those using His name in vain or for political gains. We pray because it is the only instructed way to communicate with our Father in heaven but we don't become hypocrites about it (Matthew 6:5). We do not need the devil, his agents or the government to tell us when or where to pray. The same people who will not stop lighting up my phone to PRAISE the president and saying "if you are a true Christian" you will OBEY this particular tweet. These are the same people who deliberately choose to ignore everything else about the man and his other thousands of unrepentant tweets. Yet, they wonder why a homosexual presidential candidate recently said that the last person he wants to take "moral advice" from, is this president and his supporters. on national day of prayer
"Conservative movement" is what some Christians call it. However, the deeper you look, the more shallow the so called movement gets. The wider you try to spread your wings around the movement, the less you'll find worthy of conserving. It's more like a "bubble movement" because all you need is one poke to see all the emptiness that keeps it afloat. False News from places like Fox News has become the Bible to some, while others choose to use falsehood from their friends, families and church leaders as A pilar and A ground of THEIR truth (1 Timothy 3:15). Some congregation of the Lord's church can be best described these days as the "lost church" because the truth has disappeared from these congregations, and the devil has found ways to fill the void. People will tell you what to believe but the Bible will tell you who to believe.

It's great to know that the devil believes there is one God (James 2:19) but you should NOT believe in God simply because the devil does. Stop falling for the human hype to make you feel like you are a part of something big when you're not. Jesus is bigger than any so called movement. Stay blessed my friends.

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