Democrats vs Republicans vs Christianity

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It is clear that the division we have in America right now is mainly from the two major political views. Left, right, far left, far right, liberals, conservatives and whatever else you want to call it. The division is not mainly because of Trump's inability to bring people together or lead, it's primarily because people are sick and tired of the Republicans continued defense of abominable actions; actions that these same Republicans have highly condemned when it comes to other political figures that are of other parties. As I often say, wrong is wrong regardless of who is doing it, me included.

Both parties clearly have policies that contradicts the scriptures. So when we go all out to defend our political parties in a biblical manner especially claiming a "supreme court fight" is worth the evil we support and are actively engaged in, then we are not only setting ourselves up for disappointment but also fighting the wrong battle (John 18:36). I'm yet to understand why one party would ever think they are the party of "Christians" or "Evangelicals" and thinks the end justifies the means.
Most Democrats spend their political career letting people know they are not all about "Church stuff" even though they also claim to believe in God. Democrats make it loud and clear that they have zero interest in the government favoring any religion over another. They generally agree with laws that proposes punishment for Christians who choose not to obey laws like "gay marriage," which contradicts Christian's belief. They make no secret of these and we know what to generally expect.

Most Republicans spend their political careers preaching morals and "Church stuff." They generally promote extremely high morals to the point where you'll think the oval office is where Christians meet to worship. But when they have a candidate that crosses those red lines so many times, they start preaching grace and going out of their way to defend evil deeds just to protect their party. Not to protect the truth; protect party loyalty while using grace and the name of the Lord in vain.
  • Notice I said most and not all when referencing the two major parties. I also used words like "generally" so please don't crucify me.
Basic human decency is defined as "being polite, courteous, civil, thoughtful, and using tact and diplomacy when with others, thus treating them as you wish to be treated." Is this too much to ask of us and especially our leaders?
Dignity is "the right of a person to be valued and respected for their own sake, and to be treated ethically. It is of significance in morality, ethics, law and politics as an extension of the enlightenment-era concepts of inherent, inalienable rights." Do you still think there is dignity left in our political lives? This is a rhetorical question for us all to dwell on.

Examples of our major political party's fight:
Separating kids from their moms in the womb:
  • Most Democrats = It's a choice
  • Most Republicans = No, it's a sin
  • Me = If you democrats believe Republicans should not "force their religion" on others, why do you force people to do things that violates their religious freedom and/or beliefs?
Separating kids from their parents at the boarder:
  • Most Democrats = It is morally wrong, unconstitutional and heartless
  • Most Republicans = They broke the law and must be punished
  • Me = If God wants us to follow the laws set by the government like most Republicans would say especially the current attorney general Jeff Sessions who claimed God puts government officials in office to enforce the law of the land; then how come these same Republicans didn't want to follow "the law of the land" that said Christians must preside over gay marriage when required to?
I thought we were supposed to "obey" the government. Oh, now you know why I keep saying both parties are not only wrong and corrupt but also they do not and will never be a representation of true Christian belief. Jesus clearly stated His kingdom is not of this world and if it was He will call on His angels to fight. For details on this, I encourage you read my piece: "Did God Pick Trump to be the President?"

Now you understand why we must end this nonsense of using the name of God in vain to defend and fight the wrong battle for our so called political affiliation. As Christians we do our very best to obey God rather than man. God is God and we cannot play God or force people to believe in Him. Politics is a matter of opinion, not doctrine. We must agree to disagree while honestly looking for common grounds to keep the peace (Ephesians 4:3). We all need to get over our silly self and face reality instead of swimming in falsehood.

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