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Jesus The Immigrant

What does Jesus the Christ has in common with DACA kids - aka dreamers? If the apostle Paul was still alive, he would probably be inspires to say: Oh foolish "American Christians" who has so bewitched you? (Gal. 3:1). I had to replace the word "Galatians" with American Christians. The reason people are so obsessed about getting rid of "dreamer" is not because the dreamers did anything wrong and they obviously did not make a conscious decision to come here illegally as kids and babies. These anti-dreamers club is being led by the son of Klan who is a nationalist and the narcissist founder of the "birther movement." 
Treating DACA - a moral issue like a political football is a shame. No one is advocating illegal immigration and DACA kids are NOT illegal immigrants. Well, unless you believe in your heart that a 6 months old baby can make it across the boarder on its own or come here legally and stay here on an expired visa. If there's any blam…