The Truth and the Confusion of January 6, 2021

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On this one year anniversary of the assault on  America's democratic process, I think it's important to briefly reflect on what happened a year ago today. Also, the so called Christians who were there to destroy the Capitol and hurt their fellow human beings, based on a lie, need to look deeper within. This action shows how confused some people are in their claim to save "God's country" from the hands of "evil" elected officials.


- The same people who condemned others for "denigrating" the American flag when burned overseas or by kneeling during the anthem, were the same people using the flag to assault Police officers and breaking down doors and windows on Jan. 6, 2021. All during an unsuccessful attempt to overturn the result of an election.

- The same people who refuse to speak the phrase "Black Lives Matter" and instead replaced it with "Blue Lives Matter." These were the same people who assaulted and killed a Police officer, who was trying to protect the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

- The same people who said a "prayer" with a bible in their hands as they destroyed the Capitol and sought to kill the former Vice President by hanging, on Jan. 6, 2021; these are the same people, who want you to believe America is the only God's country on earth.

- The same people who accepted the results of their elected officials to congress, refused to accept the defeat of their instigator who lost the election on the same ballot. How convenient to validate uncivilized and ungodly behavior simply by using the name of God.

I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever, if the tables were turned and the thousands of people who showed up on that day to create damage, were colored people, Washington D.C would have ran out of body bags on that day. Most FOX news anchors would likely have celebrated every bullet that puts a hole in the heads and hearts of those colored people and hail the shooters as heroes for protecting the "sacred" Capitol. The list goes on, yes, here is America; God's Country??? Printing "In God We Trust" on a piece of paper and singing "God Bless America" does not make any place on earth God's country.


This confusion of "fighting for God's country" is actually caused by lack of understanding of what the TWO MAJOR PARTIES truly represent. These "Christians" and Evangelicals also not knowing their place on earth or in the electoral process, makes matters worse. As of today's date - Jan. 6, 2022 there are still two major political parties in the United States of America and other parts of the world. But I will briefly make this portion specific to America.

Majority of Democrats and the left wing media's narrative, is mostly based on facts. And by "majority" I mean, those who are caught up in party loyalty. They are unapologetic about our ungodly culture. They fully accept it as a way of life and see no reason to think otherwise. This is expected because they are of the world and not of Christ, which is exactly what Jesus said to expect from the world. They mostly don't pretend to falsely bring the name of God into an election, just to get votes. They let you know their support for some ungodly lifestyles and base it on the constitution.

Majority of Republicans and the right wing media's narrative, is mostly based on lies, conspiracy theories and plain rhetoric. They complain about our ungodly culture but generally support or praise the same ungodliness when the guilty ones are members of their party or affiliation. They selfishly use and abuse the name of God for political gains and could care less who gets hurt in the process. They enjoy lying in your face even when the truth will be helpful to them in many instances. Most of them remind me of someone smoking a whole pack of cigarette and then telling you, it's bad for you when they see you light one up. Even when you put out your one stick and throw the pack away, they will also condemn you of not being generous enough to let them have it.

I can sit here all day typing but the point is, our job as Children of God, is to make sure we do not allow the noise and false narratives around us, to become our bible truth. Stay Blessed My Friends.

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