The RED-velation of REVELATION

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I'll explain the title listed above called "RED-velation" and then close this piece by giving my thoughts on how best to approach this book of Revelation without getting yourself confused. I titled this piece RED-velation to serve as a constant reminder to us all that: 

1. Jesus Christ is the one speaking directly to John. 

2. It also shows Jesus' repeated and purposeful endorsement of every New Testament book or letters to the churches, as His commandment. 

As most of you already know, there are a lot of people in the religious world that are often referred to as "RED letter" Christians. They believe that the words of Jesus, which is often highlighted in red color, is the only commandment that Christians are bound by. You have probably seen these red letters in some New Testament translations. There's absolutely nothing wrong with choosing any color to print. However, these same people do not treat the rest of the New Testament as a "MUST DO" commandment from Jesus. They see it as optional "advice" from the apostles. This is why they are often called "red letter" Christians. Now, what does this have to do with the book of Revelation? 

"Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches." 

This statement was made seven(7) times in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3. In Revelation chapter 2 verses 7, 11, 17 and 29. Then in Chapter 3 verses 6, 13 and 22Regardless of what generation or planet you live in, when it comes to emphasis, the fact remains the same. When a word, phrase or sentence is intentionally being repeated over and over again especially with short proximity to each other, it simply means EMPHASIS. This often happens when the writer or speaker really wants you to take something very seriously. In this case, the speaker is Jesus the Christ (Revelation 1:1)

Now, what is this message from the Spirit to the churches that Jesus didn't want the churches to forget or abandon? (Revelation 3:3). The simple answer is the INSPIRED LETTERS (epistles), which was delivered to the churches through the apostles. Jesus promised this in John 16:7-13 before ascending into heaven and He ascended into Heaven before the Church was established (Acts 2:1-47). Therefore, the churches received these messages/letters/epistles after Jesus ascended into heaven and before He appeared to John in Revelation. The Spirit "...will guide you into all the truth..." This warning on hearing what the "Spirit says to the Churches" is further emphasized as seen in chapter 3 above, when Jesus said to "Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard, hold it fast....

As seen throught the book, the warning is especially for those leaving the truth to follow false teachings. Therefore, the message in Revelation, could not possibly be the same message from the Spirit that Jesus is accusing these churches of forgetting. This is because they haven't yet received the Revelation being given to John. Jesus constantly referred to "what the Spirit says to the churches" in a way that suggests these churches already have these instructions and know what to do. But they were not LISTENING or following the instructions they already received (Revelation 2:4-5)

However, He praises them for the things they were doing right and urged them to continue. Those who refused to follow false teachings were asked to "hold on" to the truth until Christ's return (Revelation 2:25). It is clear that the churches did, in fact, have the message from the Spirit. Jesus was not just referring to the books often called the GOSPELS (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John); rather, He is reminding us all that the Spirit inspired the gospels and all the epistles(letters) that were written by the apostles to the churches. This should settle the "RED" letters' debate. 

How can you make sure you enjoy reading Revelation without looking confused? The reason most people don't enjoy reading Revelation is because of our fellow human beings who decided to become experts in figurative speech even when such expertise is not needed. There are thousands of explanation out there of what this means and what that means. I'm not just referring to basic stuff like the "number seven" reflecting perfection, I'm talking about manufactured explanations. The book of Revelation, is one of the easiest books of the bible to read and understand. John made it clear from chapter one that he was writing about what he saw (Revelation 1 verses 2, 11 and 19). This sets the stage for the rest of the book. All you have to do, is try to see things through the eyes of John without adding or subtracting (Revelation 22:18-19). 

When you stop listening to the so called experts and just clear your mind, you will realize that the bible, including the book of Revelation itself, tells you what you need to know about any of those figurative image or languages. As I often say, the bible is its own dictionary. So, if the book or the bible doesn't tell you about what (example) "the horn" means, DO NOT make something up. The book itself said so in Revelation 22:18-19 (Also read: 2 Peter 1:3). The only stressful thing about reading the book of Revelation is YOU and I. When we start overreaching for answers to make something out of nothing, then we find ourselves making up stuff in our heads. 

Most people who try too hard to "make sense" of mystical creatures that have nothing to do with life and godliness, usually end up MISSING the focus of the book. This is because they spend so much time trying to look or sound smarter than everyone else. The book of Revelation is better read or listened to, in one stretch with an open mind. It's almost like a scene out of a movie that ties everything together. It's what everyone thinks about when they think about the movie. If the Bible is a "movie" (example) then the book of Revelation is what you need to remember every time you think about the Bible. It gives preview, warning, instruction and confirmation. It also describes the past, present and future. Most importantly, it gives HOPE for the Christian journey. It's a constant reminder that the journey is not a lost cause and will one day be rewarded when it all comes to an end. 

Red letter or no red letter, Jesus has spoken loud and clear. The entire New Testament law, including the letters to the churches, are VALID commands. The warning was to us all (Revelation 1:3). You must believe Jesus especially when He's telling you that His commandment is NOT limited to the "red letters" of the New Testament (Revelation 1:1, John 16:13 , 2 Timothy 3:16-17, Revelation 2:7). "Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the life of sin and death." - Romans 8:1-2. Stay Blessed My Friends. 

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