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QUOTES and CHARTS how to measure experience

karma is real

Kneeling During the national anthem

Abraham Inetianbor Christian blog on Corona Virus (COVID-19)

let the bible speak

Abraham Inetianbor on COVID 19 it is well

win a soul not an argument

make a positive change by Abraham Inetianbor

Stop the narratives and excuses

the gospel call

bible blockchain

the patience of Job in the bible

Abraham Inetianbor Growing Seed

wine is a mocker

never give up and never quit lessons

freedom in Christ

pray without ceasing

God expects growth

believing children

prayers in public schools

content and context

false teachings

desire is not a license to do something

the christian life

bible vs opinions

stop the excuses

the key to a good relationship

Abraham Inetianbor

cross referencing the bible

agape love

child of God

Church of Christ

points of view

sin against the holy spirit

practice makes progress by Abraham Inetianbor

blaming both sides

the supreme court and religion

choose who to serve

rent free in your head

politics in church

no one is perfect excuses

the human card

no condition is permanent

hard work pays

respect people

life has ups and downs

stop the bully

life of disappointment

money controlling churches

pick yourself up

get your priority straight

happiness is from within

plan for life


approach matters

speaking God's truth

getting worked up for nothing

prayer is the key

the love of money

proof of God

kneeling for the national anthem

carrying the cross

Abraham Inetianbor telling the truth in love bible verse

Human decency

God's forgiveness is Grace

the grace of God brings peace

faithful prayer

stay humble my friends

love cannot be defined by Abraham Inetianbor

broken life by Abraham Inetianbor

parental responsibility

bible translations

united we stand

understanding the bible

types of love

knowledge is power

facebook vs the bible

God's country

law by nature around us

freedom to choose

saved by grace

the gospel

life goals by Abraham Inetianbor

the perfect law of liberty


Jesus the light

preach the word

the unforgivable sin

love is not love


life choices

godliness and contentment is great gain

rich vs wealthy

block out the noise

priorities in life

matters of opinion

pulpit ministry

false teachers

Praying for world leaders

legality vs morality

racial discrimination

family finance 101

wrong is wrong by Abraham Inetianbor

law by nature


small minded people

qualification of an elder

The Christian Dispensation or Era

obstacles in life

false teachings and false doctrines

bigger picture


godly sorrow and wordly sorrow

Secret to happiness


hypocritical judging

is trump a white nationalist

church giving

giving to the needy

does God choose presidents

should i pay taxes

division among us

self control

team Jesus

false teaching

christianity is a way of life

deadly cliff

the physical temple

the bible

the power of knowledge

grow up

human desire

tax cuts

be on God's side

worship in spirit

how to trust


trust and obey

Was Jesus Ugly?


poking stick

right place at the right time

talk is cheap

Jesus the way

the bigger picture

the wide and narrow gate

wine is not a sin

Obstacles in life

butterfly quotes

subconscious belief and knowledge

church finance

spare the rod and spoil the child

Abraham Inetianbor

Abraham Inetianbor on belief

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