I "recommend" these links below for information purposes ONLY. That being said, I hope you find them useful but always do your due diligence. Only the BIBLE will tell you the truth about God and His plan for Salvation. Not me, not links, not you, not books; the bible. Everything else is just a guide to point you to the Bible that you should study or verify for yourself. 

Church Directory-Internet Ministry- WEBSITE

Christian Newspaper-Christian Chronicle- WEBSITE

Christian Television-TV Ministry- WEBSITE

CARE-International Red Cross- WEBSITE

Christian Website-World Bible School- WEBSITE

Charitable Organization-Hope Africa Intl- WEBSITE

Charitable Organization-Relief Fund- WEBSITE

Christian Education-College/University- WEBSITE


COMING SOON - MP3s / audio version of this website content will be uploaded here. I'm not sure when but hopefully not for long. Stay Tuned.

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