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What is False Teaching

There are two kinds of false teachers described in the Bible (2 Peter 2 and Matthew 7), which I will explain below. I would also explain how easy our job is to spot false teaching compared to the days of the early Churches. The bible description of false teaching is simply the misuse of the truth. Any message that is used intentionally to contradict the scriptures for personal gain or human recognition is also false teaching. If my opinion on a topic contradicts the biblical truth, then my opinion is wrong - plain and simple. An example is me telling you that taking the communion is not a must for Christians when Jesus Himself clearly said to " this in remembrance of me."

A false teacher is someone who carelessly preach or support false teachings (Galatians 1:8-9). The two types of false teachers described in the bible are: The "false teachers" that we often talk about and the hypocritical false teachers that Jesus talked about but we often ignore. The differen…