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To Kneel or Stand for the National Anthem

I would like to quickly address the issue with kneeling during the national anthem and the National Football League(NFL). For the international readers here, you may not have heard that there is a major debate about athletes kneeling during the USA national anthem, which is contractually played before an NFL game.
To keep this as brief as possible, I will only pick the top 3 comments (paraphrased) that I've received in the past few weeks from critics of the players protesting police brutality. Again, like I've always said, not all cops are bad but we cannot deny the significant difference when it comes to the treatment of people of color, which is something some cops have openly admitted to.
Our current president has clearly misled most people to believe that NFL players are kneeling because they choose to disrespect the flag instead of protesting police brutality, and this misinformation has led to comments like these.
Comment:::  It's disrespectful to kneel for the anthe…

Prayer is the Master Key

A prayer full of faith is one that has your heart desires being made known to God along with your human effort; but deep down inside your heart, you are in submission to His will because you know that He knows best (Luke 22:42). When your heart is connected to God, nothing else matters. You can talk to Him anytime anywhere. Closing your eyes during prayer is optional but it helps your mind to concentrate when approaching the throne of mercy. You can pray with your eyes open and you don't need a special location to pray; you can pray anywhere at anytime. I disagree with those who believe you should write down your prayers on a piece of paper to read read out loud word for word. The time you spent writing it is enough to just pray it with your eyes open.

To me, everyone is entitled to their opinion but writing down an entire prayer to read word for word takes away the intimacy and authenticity. This makes prayer more like a chore than actually making your request known to God or ju…