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Singing In Worship

How often do you find yourself smiling when you hear a bunch of kids singing happily, even when they are not "100%" on key? Very often I would think because you see the honesty from their hearts, and you can tell they pay less or no attention to the harmony. Now think about how God feels when he listens to melody from our hearts even when all the notes are not on point or in complete harmony. Do you think this is just another one of a million reasons why Jesus wants us to be like little children? If so, why don't we adopt such attitude towards singing with an open heart and giving thanks to the Holy one? 
Most people don't recite "book, chapter and verse" on their way home from a Sunday worship especially when driving or walking by themselves. Yet, you would agree that the majority of Christians are either talking or thinking about:  how boring or how great the worship service was; and/orhow excited they feel for "praising God today."Yes, it has a l…

Successful Young Men - Black vs White Perception

According to the Economic Policy Institute, Black Men make twenty-two percent (22%) less than White Men with the same background. We actually don't need a survey to tell us there is a never ending gap in wages between blacks and whites. This is the reality of young Black Men in America today and this is why people of color will hardly get the respect or credit they so much deserve.

These young Black Men will always be seen as inferior and less important by many regardless of the hurdles they have to endure on a daily basis. Parents, regardless of race needs to start raising their kids to see colored people as human beings that deserve to be treated with respect and dignity like everyone else. Employees must do better and have open minds; open doors and see people, not colors.

No surprise that when a young Black Man fights through ten times the hurdle as his counterpart with a lighter skin pigmentation to earn way less, this fight to succeed is not only undermined but also insulte…