Did God Pick Trump to be the President?

The short answer is NO. It is very easy to take the bible out of context when we don't use the bible as its own commentary and/or dictionary. An example is Mark 9:23 - "...Everything is possible for one who believes." Some people also misinterpret Philippians 4:13 - "I can do all things." I have a friend who is a professional weight lifter and body builder. He loves this verses so much that he made a t-shirt to support his claim. His claim was anyone can look as buff as he is as long as they believe. Yet, he refused to acknowledge the simple fact that we all have different physical and metabolic make up, which practically makes his claim impossible.

Christians are the spiritual Israel and the Bible is our constitution (2 Timothy 3:16). God gave guidelines for Christians to select their Spiritual leaders (1 Timothy 3) just as he gave guidelines to the physical Israelite on selecting their leaders (1 Samuel 16). As Christians (aka spiritual Israelite - Galatians 3:26-29) and pilgrims on earth, we have to recognize our presence on this foreign soil called earth as we continue our march on to Zion. Unless you agree that God picked the good and the abusive leaders of the world. I'm scratching my head about those in abusive relationships too; did God pick their spouse for them or did he create the platform/institution and gave man the freedom to leave his parents to go join with his wife?
Jesus said: "I will build my church." We can say for sure that the Church was created by God those that are being saved are added to the Church. Can we say with scriptural references that those who became a member of the Church were handpicked by God and those who did not were not "picked" by God? Being the chosen ones doesn't mean we were actually handpicked. It just means that we choose to enter into the spiritual ark. Creating an institution of governing doesn't mean that God hand picked anyone to fill the seats. I dislike the fact that my Republican colleagues deeply believe that Donald Trump was put in the oval office by God. 

Most of them actually believe that government officials are put in office by God; well, unless the government official is named Barack Obama or is a democrat. This is one of the major reason people can't stand Christianity anymore and this is why it's getting harder and tougher to preach the gospel.

Romans 13:2 - "Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted...." 
  • This is the verse I hear the most from my Republican friends. So did Peter and the other apostles break this command in Acts 5 when they kindly told the government officials that they would keep preaching the truth about Jesus and not obey their command? 
Matthew 19:5-6 - "...Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate."
  • This is a similar verse that I counter with. Does this mean any man that unites with a minor or a child to become one flesh, were brought together by God and no one should separate or put apart?
The two verses cited above are practically saying the same thing. The same thought of an institution being established by God. This doesn't mean anyone involved in these institution was approved or hand-picked by God himself. And it doesn't mean that the thoughts, ideas, and behaviors of the people involved in these institutions are all approved by God. Let me clarify below.
The scripture is clear like daylight and we need to stop twisting the scriptures to favor us and/or our ungodly opinions. The problem is not with those trying to learn rather, those who know or should know the truth find a way to dance around it for the sake of personal gains. This topic is not a matter of opinion so speak where the Bible speaks and be silent accordingly. We need to read the Bible in context, time or place while also cross-referencing other scriptures. God created and approved the system of governing; not a particular government (Colossians 3:18-25), which includes:
  • Parents and Kids
  • Husband and Wife
  • Employer and Employee
  • Leaders and Followers, etc.. 
Romans 13 says that God established governing authorities. He instituted the platform just like he did for the institution of marriage. Are we now going to say any two people in a relationship regardless or age or sexual preference were put together by God? Why not? Oh, I thought the Bible says what God has joined....? What's wrong with genocide? I thought the Bible says to obey the government and the laws they put in place? 
No, God does not hand pick anyone to fill these positions in government or marriage. If you believe God picked one, then he picked them all. You should have supported Obama the way you are rolling over to support Trump. All women with abusive husbands should blame God for the partner He "choose" to abuse them. If God picked them all, then He is a partial God because there are a lot of good Christians around the world suffering in the hands of malicious leaders. Thank goodness we do not serve a partial God.
  • As people of a society, we must obey the government 
  • As employees, we must obey our employers
  • As children, we must obey our parents
However, all of these obedience has to be in accordance with the scriptures, which is where "in the Lord" comes in. In the Lord meaning in accordance with God's will (Acts 5:29). Not all Democrats are going to hell and not all Republicans are going to heaven. Again, your party affiliation will not save you or send you to heaven. Enough of these unnecessary rhetoric that is dividing people because some people think their political party is the "christian party."