The POWER of the MIND Game - WOKE?

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Ask yourself, who is WOKE?

1. Is it the oppressed who never stopped crying for help, but decided to cry louder, just to be heard?


2. The oppressor, who is trying to silence the cry and pretending like there is nothing to see here?

I will leave you to answer this question for yourself, to show more about who you are, as a human being. 


This name-calling movement of "woke" is all a mind game by the oppressor. If you've ever heard of the word "HACKED" or know someone who lost control of their computer device to a hacker, it will be very easy for you to understand this mind game. The reason a hacker will remotely access your phone, computer or any other device, without your consent, is mostly because they don't have the ability to physically take it from you. Some also do not want to be caught in the act of stealing. So, they manipulate the process by compromising your computer or device. They make you believe that something like a phishing link with virus or malware, is real and authentic. Then entice you to click on it. This is just one of many ways a hacker can steal and own your device, without physically having the device in their possession.

To be clear, when I say "THEY": this means anyone who fits the bill.

They (the bullies, racists and their accomplices) want you (the victim) to remain their physical slave, if possible. When they cannot have you physically, just like the computer hacker, then they find other ways to own you. This is called "Mental" slavery, which is a manipulated process of accessing your mind. They fill it up with lies (virus). They load conspiracy theories inside your brain (malware).. Then they take control of your thoughts, beliefs and especially your decision making. You think you are smart, know the truth and part of a movement. Instead, you are simply acting based on the corrupt mindset, which was fed to you by these conspiracy theorists.

It's the same way the devil makes evil look good, so we can become slaves to sin. Bob Marley once said to "Emancipate" or to free yourself from "mental slavery." Physical and mental slavery are conducted to achieve the same goal, which is to make a fellow human being less of a person. Physical slavery may have been made popular based on skin color and/or economic status, but MENTAL slavery has no color preference because anyone can be trapped. No one, at least to my knowledge, is calling these "Christians" Woke, especially for fighting a fake fight in the name of God.

However, when colored people ask for basic humane treatment and fight against racism, these same Christians are quick to call them Woke Mob, especially in states like Florida, Tennessee and Texas. This is all part of the trumpism movement. Just a quick note; being rude, loud, obnoxious, unkind and a bully, does not make you tough. It makes you look very small, super insecure, very weak, sadly insufficient, so afraid, and if I may add, very, very foolish. The "Real Donald Trump Junior" a.k.a Ron Desantes, is well known for using the word Woke. He's in love with the word, like a kid screaming chocolate in the candy store. His loyalists enjoy throwing the word around without having any clue about what it really means.

Finally, to those of you, especially Christians, who keep acting like the only way to solve the problem of sin in the world is to force people into Christianity, why don't you start with your own household or relatives? Start with your kids, your parents, your spouse, your aunts and uncles. Force them into Christianity before you start picking meaningless fights with other people of the world, simply for political gains. When you were in the world, did someone persecute or force you to become a child of God or did they preach the gospel to you? If you were forced, then your confession of Jesus as the Son of God was coerced too, and not voluntarily made.

To those who are fighting the fight for justice and basic human decency, listen. When foolish people, yes foolish indeed, call you WOKE for doing the right thing, their goal is to discourage you. Don't let them HACK your MIND for their own benefit. SPEAK UP!!! The Church in Galatia thought a few Christians, who were following the New Testament way, were "woke" (if I may use the word to paraphrase), and the twisted minds of those foolish Galatians, made them believe they had all the answers. The Galatians stuck to the Old Testament ways, which led to their mindset of physical Israel Nationalism. Paul, the Apostle called them foolish for this reason.

Always remember, the real Christians are not the ones calling people woke mob, simply for seeking justice and humane treatment. I am "WOKE" and I am very, very, very proud to be described as Woke by those in the trumpism movement. On a different note, if you want to be set free from the bondage of sin, you can check out video #7 on my video page or READ HERE. Stay Blessed and Stay physically and spiritually Woke My Friends.

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