Should a Christian Vote or Run for Public Office?

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Having a driver's license gives you the right to drive. However, this right to drive doesn't mean you should drive drunk. It also doesn't mean you must own or operate a vehicle if you don't want to. The choice to do so, is fully yours and at your own discretion. Having the right to vote or run for public office doesn't mean you MUST and the choice is solely yours to make at your own discretion.

Should a Christian vote in an election or run for public office? This is a common question I've been getting especially after covid19 revealed how deep the divide among Christians has become since the 2016 election. It's clear that holding a public office is like having a regular job, so this is a simple answer. But I will explain what a Christian's mindset should be, when it comes to carrying out the civic duty of voting. Hopefully, you'll see why you are not obligated to vote in an election, if you don't want to vote. Even the government, who gave you the right to vote, also said no law is broken if you choose to not vote. However, I strongly encourage you to vote whenever you can.

Sadly, many Christians have found a way to make others feel guilty for not voting in an election. Some claim, it's the only way to elect "God-fearing Leaders" to help give us "freedom of worship" - both of which are blatantly false. Voting is a civic duty but this does not make it mandatory; not all civic duties are mandatory for Christians to perform. Example: You're a local Preacher with the license to officiate marriages. Do you have to officiate every "marriage" because it's called a marriage? The answer is NO.


God already gave Christians "freedom of worship" and the only "God-fearing leader's" selection process can be found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1:5-9. What God gives, no man can take away. Humans cannot give you a soul and they can't take it away from you. Humans CANNOT give you the freedom of worship and they can't take it away from you (John 1:11-13).


Having comfortable access to a structure or building where worshippers gather, is not a requirement for becoming a Christian because you can only worship God in the Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24). This means wherever two or more Christians are gathered together for worship (Matthew 18:20). The bible truth is not complicated, so don't get it twisted. As I have said on many occasions, we need to stop getting freedom of worship confused with comfort or peaceful environment. Freedom of worship is freely given to you by God on the day you decided to follow Jesus (John 15:18-19). The so called "freedom" allowing people to build a structure where they come together to worship, is different.

A government telling you that you have "freedom TO worship" wherever and in whatever building you want, is basically making life a little comfortable. But as you can see in John 15 above, Jesus did not promise this comfort. Paul and Silas prayed, sang songs together in prison, behind bars (Acts 16:25-34). Their "freedom" to be comfortable when worshiping, was taken away but NOT their freedom of worship. They worshiped God wherever and whenever possible as long as they lived. If you find yourself in a hospital bed, where your physical ability and comfort is temporarily taken away, does this mean your "freedom of worship" is taken away? The answer is NO.


Despite some claiming to be the so called "Christian Party" in America, the actual "Christian party" if you may, is the party of the LAMB - not elephants or donkeys. The members of the "Christian party" belonging to the Lamb, which was slain on mount cavalry, do not care about being labeled a Democrat or Republican. When they perform their optional civic duty to vote in whatever region they live in, their vote is similar to a business decision, which is like selecting a qualified CEO for a company. These people, a.k.a Christians, DO NOT vote based on a false pretense or false promise for freedom of worship, which is something Christians already possess. Christians should vote for who they think is best qualified for the job of a CEO, Mayor, HOA President, Congress, Governor, President, Prime Minister, Judges etc. When none of the candidate is qualified in your personal opinion, then don't vote. This is because the constitution, which will guide their decisions in office is FLAWED and definitely NOT the Bible (James 1:25).

You can't bring God's name into everything especially when you know your vote is a choice between two or more ungodly people. Stop quoting Colossians 3:17 because you can't commit fornication or swear in the name of God either. Do you buy a laundry machine because it says "Jesus" on it or do you buy a good laundry machine to wash your clothes because they need to be cleaned?  "Whatever" you do or say in worship or in your Christian life, should be done in the name and to the glory of God. Jesus even said, claiming to do something in the name of God doesn't mean it's actually being done in the name of God, so stop the madness (Matthew 7:21-23). Voting in the name of God is like praying for your sports team to win because you think the other team do not have Christian fans.

Anyone who tells you they are voting for a candidate because they want freedom of worship, simply does not understand the meaning of what they are saying. I know a lot of pulpit ministers who deliberately use the pulpit as a political stage to get their party's message across while others are just unintentionally repeating what they heard from the so-called "scholars" who have no right to rewrite the bible. Most of these preachers are often found in what people would describe as "Republican" churches. Hearing something from your pulpit minister or anyone else including me myself and I, does not make it true. This is why I've always encouraged everyone to do their homework by opening their bibles. Don't rely on a celebrated figure or anyone else to be your source for God's truth. Stay Blessed My Friends.

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