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How to Become a Child of God

Just like that, the year 2018 is counting down. Our physical life is short and will not last forever like the spiritual one. As some of you may already know, George H.W. Bush (41st) just passed. I saw the news just after midnight but it's almost 3am now so I'm guessing he passed away Friday night or just after midnight today - not sure. My heart goes out to the Bush family. Now, let's talk about becoming a child of God. In about thirty days from now, you'll be hearing people talk about their 2019 goals. If you are not already a child of God, do you have this as a goal? If you are a child of God, do you know someone who can use a change in their life? Christianity is the word used to describe the lifestyle you choose to live after becoming a child of God (Acts 11:26). The people who live such lifestyle are called Christians, Christ-like or followers of Christ. They are not perfect, they sin but they do not continue to practice or live in sin (1 John 3).

To have a child, …