Thinking Backwards Like The Church in Rome

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Most armed robbers PRAY to NOT get caught before robbing a bank. Then they "THANK GOD" for a successful mission when they get away with robbery - a.k.a Robin Hood (Ephesians 4:28). A gospel preacher once told me that "you can't take God out of politics because the bible said to do everything in the name of Jesus." - Colossians 3:17. Then I asked, when was the last time he got drunk during communion or told someone to commit fornication or sin, all in the name of Jesus? Taking God's name out of politics simply mean to stop using the name of God in vain. It doesn't mean you can't say God's name when talking about politics. Stop using God as an excuse to vote for one sin but not the other. 

In this generation, most Christians are invoking the name of God on any and everything that benefits selfish human behaviors. We want people to think we're doing something in God's name and it's OK, when the opposite is true. Sometimes, it looks like we are too busy trying to create "new godly laws" for the ungodly world and we forget that God already did so. We already have THE BIBLE in our hands - PREACH IT. When you change hearts, you won't have to fight too hard to change bad laws. If you really care about "stopping abortion" as most Christians claim to, maybe our primary focus should be on sexual immorality, which is the cause of almost all pregnancies leading to abortion. Instead, we treat sexual immorality as a normal way of life. 

The Christians in Rome were actively trying to create laws for the Gentile world and forcing them to believe in circumcision of the flesh. As a Gentile, you can be the WORST of all Gentiles and those Roman Christians were willing to downplay the magnitude of your sins as long as you agreed with the as to the circumcision of the flesh. The primary focus should have been on the great commission but these Roman Christians had only one agenda (circumcision), which led them to burning down the communication bridge, which is suppose to takes the gospel to the Gentiles. They completely ignored the fact that the New Testament Church is built on the blood of Christ and through the circumcision of the heart - not flesh (Romans 2:27-29). 

If you think this sounds familiar with us today, you are right. Most Christians in America are so locked into one agenda of winning the Supreme Court, which is controlled by human beings, who will not live forever. In today's society, you can be the devil but as long as you agree to call yourself pro-life, most Christians will put a blindfold on to celebrate you and completely ignore your sinful ways just like the Romans did with the battle over circumcision of the flesh. Yes, these are two separate issues but my point is about the ONE AGENDA type of Christianity

We are burning bridges instead of building them to help us with the great commission. This is not who we are as Christians and God is watching. Calling yourself PRO-LIFE and carrying a banner is not going to save you especially if your heart is not right with God. We keep giving the world more reasons to mock God's name (Romans 2:23-24)

I am Pro-Life and very, very, more than proud to be Pro-Life. But one minute, we are busy celebrating the actions of someone who admitted he intentionally lied to cost tens of thousands of innocent lives and unapologetic about forever separating innocent kids from their parents. Next minute we want to carry the big, so called Christianity banner to protest the killing of unborn babies. Unbelievers know we are not perfect but this kind of DELIBERATE inconsistency for personal or political gain, is the reason why people are sick, sick, sick and tired of listening to what we have to say about morality or the value of LIFE. Our hypocrisy shines way brighter than the lighthouse on a hilltop. 

My desire to see the law of the land/world emulate the law of God should NOT take precedent over my desire to share God's truth with the people of the world. Christ and His apostles were ALL charged, tried and/or killed for what the law of the land described as "blasphemy." Not once did you hear them focus on changing the so called law of the land; instead, they focused on expanding on preaching the truth. This is because the Jesus and His apostles knew exactly what the priority was and still is - PREACH. 

The reason why people get offended by God's truth is simply because they DON'T KNOW and they DON'T UNDERSTAND God's truth. If the people knew and understood God's truth back in the day, they would have never asked Peter and the rest of the apostles to stop preaching in the name of Jesus or charge them with blasphemy. Our response should always be the same as Peter's - we will rather obey God than man(Acts 5:29). By this statement, Peter is clearly saying he understands that the law of the land considers an act of speaking in the name of Jesus illegal or blasphemy but there is a law that guides Christians forever, and it's called the Word of God. Christians are not to focus on when it matches with the law of the land before preaching it; we just do. If it helps change the minds of those who create the laws of the land, then so be it. If it doesn't, we remain focused on who we are and so be it. 

I have said repeatedly, we get persecuted when we speak God's truth, not when we create self affliction. We MUST expect persecution but we MUST NOT become the persecutors. It's not our job to punish those who refused to accept the gospel truth. It's our job to keep preaching and SHOWING them the gospel truth until this life is over. God's glory and agenda will NOT be "enhanced" through evil (Romans 3:7-8) and we always have to remember we are pilgrims on a journey. The journey is NOT to win Congress or win the Supreme Court; it is to win souls along the way and let God bring them onboard (Acts 2:48) as we head to our DESTINATION

The humans that rule on the Supreme Court are as unstable as every human being on earth but God's truth remains the same forever in every nation. The reason you do not steal is not because the Supreme Court said so, it's because the Bible said so. Until we get this simple foundational understanding of prioritizing God and His word over Human laws, we will never have that connection to Christ(The Vine), which we desperately need to finish the Christian race(John 15:1-17). The next United States general election is about a month away. Vote if you can but DO NOT use your vote as an excuse to use the name of God in vain or to excuse sin. Stay Blessed My Friends. 

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