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Democrats vs Republicans vs Christianity

It is clear that the division we have in America right now is mainly from the two major political views. Left, right, far left, far right, liberals, conservatives and whatever else you want to call it. The division is not mainly because of Trump's inability to bring people together or lead, it's primarily because people are sick and tired of the Republicans continued defense of abominable actions; actions that these same Republicans have highly condemned when it comes to other political figures that are of other parties. As I often say, wrong is wrong regardless of who is doing it, me included.

Both parties clearly have policies that contradicts the scriptures. So when we go all out to defend our political parties in a biblical manner especially claiming a "supreme court fight" is worth the evil we support and are actively engaged in, then we are not only setting ourselves up for disappointment but also fighting the wrong battle (John 18:36). I'm yet to understa…