3 Facts About Corona Virus That Will Help Save Your Soul

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"Wash your hands and sanitize them often." This is what you've been hearing in the past few weeks. "THEY" also want you to "wipe down your desk, counter tops and other surfaces. "Do whatever you can to protect yourself and self quarantine if you have to." This is what "they" said. The "they" I'm referring to, are medical professionals and experts, who are also humans. We love and respect them for their guidance in situations as this. Their help cannot be undermined and let's be clear, Corona Virus is real and as as real as it gets. It is NOT a "hoax" like some leaders want you to believe. However, how much do we follow the guidance, which the bible lays out for us on how to avoid getting stained and lost in sin?
I walked in the door a few minutes ago and headed straight to the counter-top to get a squeeze from the bottle of hand sanitizer. We always had a bottle there and around the house - no I'm NOT a "clean freak" so don't get it twisted. However, due to the spread of the Corona virus in the last couple of weeks, I've been using hand sanitizer about four to five times more than I normally would. Then I thought to myself, this Corona virus "joke" is on us but it's not funny. It's fascinating to see how responsive we as humans can be, when it comes following instructions, which pertain to life and death situations. Even though some are stubborn to believe covid-19 is deadly, majority of people around the world are using common sense to avoid being infected as much as possible. We are good listeners, we follow the rules and we are determined to stay safe. How often do we listen to God through His word? How often do we follow His command? How determined are we to stay the course. Hand Sanitizer kills up to 99.9% of germs. The Blood of Jesus kills 100% of sin. Here are three facts about Corona virus, which you can use for your spiritual motivation.

1. I felt like I have been protecting myself from the deadly Corona virus (COVID-19) in the past few weeks than I've actually been protecting myself from sin. Viruses like the H1N1, HIV, COVID-19 and many more, can be deadly physically, if not immediately detected and treated. This is what scares us as humans. Sin can lead to spiritual death (James 1:15) if not treated with the BLOOD OF JESUS (Romans 5:9).

2. We all know, at some point, we may still be infected with things like the flu and other illnesses regardless of how much we protect ourselves. But this doesn't mean we should carelessly have our mouth wide open, right in front of someone infected with Corona virus and tell them to cough or sneeze, just so we can take it all in. This will be foolish on our part. When a drop of rain falls on your nice shirt, you don't like it but it's not bad enough for you to change outfit. But when you have no umbrella and carelessly walk in the rain, you may be forced to change that shirt. In the same way, do your best to protect yourself from covid-19. And as Christians. we still sin but we cannot CONTINUE in sin carelessly as a way of life (Romans 6:1).

3. We all get scared of physical death while failing to realize that it's an APPOINTMENT that we must one day keep (Hebrews 9:27). Imagine if we look at sin and take it as seriously as we do with protecting ourselves against all these viruses like corona virus? We just need to constantly remind ourselves that there is the ALMIGHTY, who can destroy both the physical body and the soul (Matthew 10:28).

Abraham Inetianbor
The store shelves are empty of basic necessities like hand sanitizer and face mask, yet, there are copies of the Bible collecting dust on our home shelf. Even the Facebook apps on our smart phones get more clicks than the Bible app (2 Timothy 2:15). All we need to do is use the same determined survival mindset, direct it towards our spiritual well being and watch the difference it makes. Even if you are already a child of God, there's always room for growth. Conversion is not where it all ends because we need to grow to a point where we are convinced beyond all doubts that Jesus is indeed Lord of our lives. And that He is able to keep our saved soul, safe until the end, as long as we remain in and rely on Him (2 Timothy 1:12). Stay Blessed My Friends! 

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