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Sometimes The Excuse Is All In Your Head

The word excuses more often than not carries a negative thought because it is often used in a negative manner. Excuses are easy to find so we naturally reach for any excuses we can come up with to explain why we do or did something; why we don't or did not do something; why we should or should not do something; why we say or said something; and the list goes on.
Excuse is very easy, not just because it's easy to find but because it is the most "rational" or "ear pleasing" response we can give to make a bad situation look better than it actually is. There were several people with excuse in the bible too and they were all as human as us. Here are a few examples:
Moses in Exodus 4:10Jonah in Jonah 1:3The People in Luke 14:18 We all make excuses but this doesn't mean all our excuses are valid or necessary. Are there "good" excuses? Yes, I believe there are but they are often referred to as the truth, the solution or the right answer. Isaiah found …