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No Condition is Permanent

In order for us to truly appreciate life and keep a level head through the good and the bad, we must understand that the difficulties in life is there for a reason. It is intended to make us better not bitter. When we go through a difficulty, it should make us stronger not weaker. So count it all joy like the scripture says because what seems so hard right now will look like a "warm up" for you in the future when you come across the same situation. And people are going to wonder why you are so calm under such pressure without knowing that this is not your first go around. 

True happiness in life is how you choose to see things. I try to find a reason to smile through a difficult situation but this doesn't mean I enjoy pain and suffering. I've learned to understand that there is no condition in life that is permanent - good or bad. Any situation you find yourself in, regardless, may change slightly or drastically. This is why you have to be always prepared for changes.…

From the Persecuted to the Persecutor?

On this July 4th; as we celebrate the independence day of the United States of America, it is also important for us all to acknowledge the simple fact that the word "united" seem to be missing from society, the Church and especially our country these days. Most Christians felt like they were being persecuted and decided it's better to take the low road for good instead of the greater good.
As Christians, the big questions we should be asking ourselves include:  Have we somehow gone from being the Persecuted to now the Persecutor? Are we harassing and forcing religion on people through our political beliefs? How low are we willing to go until we are satisfied?Is the day of judgement going to be at the United States Supreme Court? To persecute a group of people is to pursue them with harassing or oppressive treatment, especially because of their religious or political beliefs, ethnic or racial background, gender, and/or sexual orientation. Having a different belief from someo…