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Simple Way to Study the Bible

I'm going to start this with some examples in real life scenarios to help understand what I'll be explaining later in this piece. Sometimes, we just read, read, read and memorize the scriptures without understanding what we are reading. 

EXAMPLES HUMAN: When you tell your child to go clean their room, this usually means that the room is dirty or trashy. The kids don't go in there to throw out everything they see. They don't take the brand new TV from the wall or shelf along with the candy wrappers from the floor and toss it all in the trash can. Instead, they throw out some items (trash), put some items back where they belong (toys) and sometimes leave other items where they are in the room (bed).
BIBLE: This is how the bible is. It's God's instruction to us, which can also be easily taken out of context if we rely so much on the content instead of the context. I'll touch on this briefly below. 
HUMAN: Your kids understand the meaning of "go clean your roo…