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When people are suffering from a specific problem that has to do with life and death especially if you have not been in their shoes, listen before you speak. Do not minimize the problem by generalizing the issue simply because it doesn't affect you directly. The sin of racial discrimination will continue to exist and it stinks. You can use all the deodorant or spray all the perfume/cologne you want, at some point, you will need to start washing up with soap on a daily basis. It takes daily actions and continued commitment to reduce the effect of racial discrimination in our lives.

When thousands of breast cancer survivors peacefully take to the streets to bring awareness to breast cancer, they are not saying, colon cancer doesn't matter. They are simple creating awareness to encourage others to get checked early and avoid the dangers of late diagnosis, which may lead to death. #BreastCancer

When some Christians take to the streets to protest against abortion, they are not saying unborn babies are the only lives that matter. They are simple creating awareness to discourage the sinful act that normalizes purposeful ending of the unborn lives. #Abortion

When black people are calling for help due to systemic racism leading to unnecessary abuse and death, which I have experienced on numerous occasions, they are not saying other lives do not matter. We are simply saying, stop treating us like a piece of garbage - consciously or unconsciously #BlackLivesMatter

If you are uninformed OR your hatred and pride is over the roof OR you are too afraid to face the truth about racism, then your natural response will be to say that "all lives matter" just to minimize the outcry for help, and defend the indefensible acts of atrocity.

The parable of the lost sheep in Matthew 18:10-14 talked about leaving the 99 sheep behind to go find the missing one. Luke 15 talked about the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son, which we often refer to as the prodigal son. Yes, all these parables were primarily focused on repentance and soul saving. But the broader message here is that none is least important or inferior to the other. Jesus didn't say the lives of the 99 sheep doesn't matter or the life of the son who was with his father didn't matter. The point is, the one sheep was in MORE danger and needed to be focused on and rescued. I do not support those who are destroying properties but the peaceful protesters have the right to protest and be heard.

Jesus fell on His KNEES to PRAY (Luke 22:41). Voluntary Kneeling is viewed around the world as a form of respect, PLEA or a show of humility, which I clearly explained in my 2017 piece. But one man in the White House, was successfully able to confuse or brainwash some grownups into believing that kneeling is a form of "disrespect" and as such, kneeling during the national anthem automatically became disrespectful in the eyes of his loyalists. When your number one goal is to create division and disrupt the truth; anyone who live such a life and is unrepentant, is described as "like father like son" (John 8:44). It looks like society has engraved an image in our brains to a point where we occasionally forget COLORED people are humans too.

Kneeling is NOT disrespectful - Abraham InetianborWhen you tell people about the abuse you have to endure and the huddles you have to go through just for being black in America, they look at you funny because they assume those days are far gone. We are not asking for preferential treatment, just basic human treatment that is not negatively overshadowed by the color of our skin. There's really not much I can say right now that I haven't already said in the past. It's sad to see that some people, including some church leaders, continue to put a blind fold on and act like nothing is happening. If we can't recognize CLEAR evil when we see it, then we don't deserve to be called Christians. Evil exist for a reason and it's among us every day. Our ability to see and call it what it is, separates Christians from those who choose to ignore evil and encourage it or live it as a lifestyle. Change your thinking and change your actions. Stay Blessed My Friends.

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