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Feeling Empty after Worship: Good or Bad?

The word empty in this context is used by many to describe disappointment and a sense of non-fulfillment or far from being satisfied. Feeling "empty" after worship is a bad thing and anyone who says otherwise is not telling the truth. When someone tells you not to expect anything from worship because you are just supposed to leave your praise at the alter and leave, then you are not worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth.

Very often I hear people say they didn't get anything out of worship and then they get criticized for saying so and their commitment is immediately questioned. Instead of trying to figure out why they feel how they feel so we can possibly point them in the right direction, we often end up blaming the individual for feeling how they feel and quick to remind them that worship is not about them. They are often told they are supposed to come to worship "full" and "leave empty" after giving all their heart to God. 

Leave empty, really? We kn…