To Kneel or Stand for the National Anthem

I would like to quickly address the issue with kneeling during the national anthem and the National Football League(NFL). For the international readers here, you may not have heard that there is a major debate about athletes kneeling during the USA national anthem, which is contractually played before an NFL game.

To keep this as brief as possible, I will only pick the top 3 comments (paraphrased) that I've received in the past few weeks from critics of the players protesting police brutality. Again, like I've always said, not all cops are bad but we cannot deny the significant difference when it comes to the treatment of people of color, which is something some cops have openly admitted to.

Our current president has clearly misled most people to believe that NFL players are kneeling because they choose to disrespect the flag instead of protesting police brutality, and this misinformation has led to comments like these.

Comment:::  It's disrespectful to kneel for the anthem. The least "they" can do is stand for the flag.
  • Me::: I didn't realize kneeling is a form of disrespect. How could Jesus Christ of Nazareth fall on his knees to pray; disrespectful? I guess it's time to stop singing the song "Light the Fire" because part of the lyrics states: "I stand to praise you but I fall on my knees..." This is supposed to mean that we are so in awe that standing just wasn't enough to show our respect and adoration to the heavenly father; so we fell on our knees. Yet, we found a way to describe kneeling as a form of disrespect.

Comment::: These NFL players should be grateful that "they" get paid millions of dollars to hit each other like animals. 
  • Me::: After reading most of these related comments, I had no doubt the word "they" was being used to describe the black athletes because some of you made it clear to me exactly who you are referring to. I agree. They should be thankful just like the slaves before them who should be very thankful for getting a plate of food after picking thousands of cotton a day. I guess Negros will always be inferior humans that will never worth what they get paid. How about everyone be thankful regardless of race or gender. 

Comment::: My Dad, brother, sister, mom, son, daughter etc... fought and died for the freedom that "they" enjoy.
  • Me::: I'm truly thankful for their service and the service of all our military plus their families. I'd also like to remind you that the ancestors of "they" aka black athletes, died building a country that is worth fighting for. So when people like the president said they should go back to Africa, I don't think "their" ancestors will be very happy to know that people like Trump will be the only ones allowed to enjoy the fruit of these ancestors' labor from all "their" blood and sweat. And black folks are in the military too, just saying.