The Fake Commission that makes the BIG Picture Blurry

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The "great commission" helps us see the "big picture" but the "fake commission" creates a blurry vision. You can't find solution to a problem if the problem is not identified. Just to be clear, there are good folks out there doing their very best to do the right thing. However, some Christians pick ONE moral issue (eg: abortion, money, sexual immorality, etc) and make it a staple while willingly minimizing the gravity of every other sinful act. This is what I call the fake commission because the ONE issue becomes or replaces the great commission. The actual GREAT commission is not fake and it is suppose to dictate how we relate to the rest of the world; sadly, it doesn't anymore. Some critics are going to read this one paragraph and say that I support abortion just like some are already falsely saying I want God out of schools or politicsLet me address the bible's definition of the "big picture" for Christians before addressing the great and fake commissions.

THE BIG PICTURE -The big picture that the bible asked Christians to look at, has become blurry over time. This is mostly a result of "evangelicals" and some Christians joining forces to unknowingly create a fake commission to replace the great commission. The bible's BIG PICTURE is as clear as the plan of salvation to heaven. There is only one "big picture" in the Bible, which is what God wants us to look at - HEAVEN. I think you should read this last sentence ten times before you proceed. God's big picture is what kept people like apostle Paul going, no matter what he had to endure (2 Timothy 1:12). Self inflicted pain and suffering is not part of the big picture. The big picture helps you create a mindset of seeing dreadful persecution as a joyful privilege - "...count it all joy..." (James 1:2-4). The big picture starts and ends with:

1. Counting the COST of taking the cross and accepting grace - Luke 14:28-33
2. Taking your CROSS and following the path - Matthew 16:24-26
3. Staying on the path to face the PERSECUTION - John 15:18-20
4. ENDURE the persecution by thinking about the big picture - James 1:2-4
5. Be rewarded with the "BIG PICTURE" at the end- 2 Timothy 4:7-8

This reward is the big picture that you saw before taking the cross. When you count the cost and make the tough decision to carry the cross, which you know will bring persecution, it shows that you see and understand the big picture (1 Corinthians 9:25-27). It's like going home from a long day of work and getting stuck in traffic. Imagine your workplace being the bondage of sin, where Jesus saved you from. You already know there will be bad traffic on the way home and you hate traffic. But you didn't turn around to go back to the workplace (2 Peter 2:18-22). You keep thinking about your destination while getting through the annoying traffic. Yet, you remain hopeful that you will make it home at some point and you continue to stay on the path home. In the spiritual case, we have Jesus to rely on for comfort and guidance as we get through this crazy world without loosing sight of the big picture - heaven. 

Anything else called a "big picture" is simply a man-made narratives that we use, as humans, to comfort each other. This is usually not a problem until people start reaching for a "big picture" to justify sin like Robin Hood. Some Christians today cannot tell the difference between self inflicted wound and a true persecution because we are blinded by a fake commission. If the world hates you because of what you believe and how you imitate Jesus, then you're being persecuted (John 15:18-25). But when you force your Christian belief on the world, while living a life filled with ungodliness that overshadows Christ-like living, which in turn, causes the world to hate you, it is definitely NOT persecution. Christians get persecuted when we live our lives like Christ (not perfect) and speak the Bible truth without fear but in love.

THE GREAT COMMISSION - Before Jesus left to go prepare a place for us (John 14:3), he gave an instruction on what we must do to keep ourselves busy, while staying on the path he created until his return. This instruction is what we often refer to as the great commission - Matthew 28:18-20 - "...go and make disciples of all nation..." The key verse here, as it relates to this discussion, is verse 20. This verse said: "...teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you..." Some versions use the word "everything" in place of "ALL THINGS" and this shows that Jesus was not being selective as we are today. Jesus did not say to go teach one moral issue that we care the most about (abortion) or only focus on something that we can benefit from the most as Christians (freedom of worship). He said "all things" as I have commanded you, which means to let the world know that ALL kinds of wrong is wrong. ALL kinds of sin is the reason Jesus ended up on the cross - not one sin.

THE FAKE COMMISSION - Sometimes we act like the verse above says: "Go into the world and preach abortion. Whosoever agrees with you, will not perish, no matter how evil the rest of their lifestyle may be. Fight the physical battle against the world and send them to hell for not joining your political party. I will be with you always." - This is an example of what I describe as the FAKE COMMISSION. It seems like we can't preach anything else to the lost world except this one topic of abortion, which in most cases has become synonymous with Christianity in America. The apostles continued to preach the truth about Jesus even when they were told to stop. But they were not going around trying to intimidate people by visibly displaying their sword, guns and riffles at polling places. They were not angrily starring down people on "election day" as they go in and out to cast their votes. They were not carrying "abortion signs" in the middle of a parking space while at the same time excusing every other immorality being committed by those who share their political view.

Sadly, most unbelievers know more about the topic of ABORTION in America than they do about the Grace of God or the Gospel. This is why some politicians are quick to reach for this abortion issue and toss it out like a dog-bone for us to chew on. They mostly assume that our ENTIRE Christianity is based on this one issue and not just a piece or part of it. We can't blame them if they were never given any reason to think otherwise. Some of us only want to focus on a topic that can score us political points or public cheers to show how tough we are against the sinful world.

- We have forgotten our first love of winning souls based on how we live our lives and what we teach or preach.
- We have developed this "us against the world" mentality in a wrong way that focuses on winning an argument based on how we feel or identify as political affiliates.
- We have turned to a man-made commission of false freedom while telling people to look at the "big picture" that doesn't exist.
- We need to get back to telling people about the only Truth that can set them free because the Truth is also the Way and the Life that we all need to value the "big picture" (John 14:6).

There is a place for the spiritual sword and a separate place for the physical sword. Our battle has become more physical instead of spiritual. This is why Jesus said you can claim to have done these things in his name but he's going to say, on that day: "get away from me, you evil doers." - Matthew 7:23. Even Peter, unknowingly wanted to embark on a "physical battle" when he kept trying to protect and fight for Jesus. Peter once told Jesus that he will fight to make sure Jesus is not crucified but the fight Peter choose was a fight that Jesus did not ask for (Matthew 16:23). This kind of thinking was completely against God's plan for salvation. This is why Jesus rebuked Peter and said "get behind me satan" because Peter's statement, though thoughtful and sounds innocent to the human ears, it was satanic in its entirety. It's just like those who always say that they don't care how many mass shootings it takes to end abortion.

Abraham Inetianbor
Another example of the fake commission would be: "Go into the world and you will NOT be persecuted. Seek freedom of worship at ALL cost. Whosoever gives it to you, will not perish but deserves your loyalty regardless of what they do." Our best bet is to start planting seeds by embracing the ACTUAL great commission while looking at the only big picture that matters. When we walk with the Lord (Psalm 23:3) in the light of his word (Psalm 119:105), we are able to understand the big picture of why he had to go prepare a place for us. Keep planting seeds and let God be God. Stay blessed my friends.

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