From the Persecuted to the Persecutor?

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Abraham Inetianbor

On this July 4th; as we celebrate the independence day of the United States of America, it is also important for us all to acknowledge the simple fact that the word "united" seem to be missing from society, the Church and especially our country these days. Most Christians felt like we were being persecuted (Revelation 2:10) and decided it's better for us to take the low road for "good" results instead of the high road for the greater good.

As Christians, the big questions we should be asking ourselves include: 
  • Have we somehow gone from being the Persecuted to now the Persecutor? 
  • Are we harassing and forcing religion on people through our political beliefs? 
  • How low are we willing to go until we are satisfied?
  • Is the day of judgement going to be at the United States Supreme Court?
To persecute a group of people is to pursue them with harassing or oppressive treatment, especially because of their religious or political beliefs, ethnic or racial background, gender, and/or sexual orientation. Having a different belief from someone doesn't give anyone the right to become a persecutor. We cannot complain about being persecuted for being a Christian and then turn around doing the same to those who do not share our beliefs. The Bible is clear about Christians to expect persecution(Matthew 10:23) as part of our journey, and not the other way around. We should know what is ahead before taking up the cross because the cross brings persecution.
Abraham Inetianbor
It's hard to blink these days without hearing a fight between political party lines. Pointing fingers may look like a fun way to shift blame or responsibility but it can be true at the same time especially if the finger pointer accepts some responsibility. Remember Adam, Eve and the Serpent? All I see is finger pointing left and right. We've even gotten to the point of blaming both sides without any side acknowledging responsibility. However, there is a big difference between a matter of fact and "finger pointing" so who is primarily responsible for the current situation we are in?
A firefighter will tell you that every fire that burnt down a house has a starting point. You can blame the building for being old, weak or made of wood. You can blame your neighbors for not helping with buckets of water while the fire fighters were on their way. You can even blame it on the smoke detector or the previous fire that didn't make it past the stove top. At the end of the day, there will be enough blame to go around but this will not eliminate the indisputable fact that the fire indeed started from one place. That one place remains the primary source of the fire that brought down the house until the house is rebuilt and brought down again by a new fire.
My point is that we need to stop dancing around the fact that we have a divisive person (Trump) in the office of the presidency as of today's date (July 4th, 2018). Not only does the current president lacks the ability to lead but also incapable of bringing people together because he lacks basic human decency, which is defined as treating others the way you want to be treated. No one is preaching perfection here; just basic human decency. Not to mention his arrogance or pride, which remains an obstacle that makes it almost impossible for him to change his ways or admit to any wrong.

Happy 4th to everyone as we reflect on these things.

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