If Slavery is a "Choice"....

Saying that years of slavery was a choice, is like saying:

1. Racism is a myth and never existed. Racism is fake news.

2. Rape is consensual and not a crime because it takes two to mingle.

3. Noose is a beautiful necklace that black people need to be grateful for.

4. "Black slaves" were actually White folks who choose to use black paint on their skin.

5. The Klans, like president Trump's dad, who was proud to be one, have the KKK initials because of their super kindness (kind-kinder-kindest) to black people.

6. President Trump's nick name is "Honest Trump" because he his the most truthful president we've ever known.

7. Kanye West's foolish view of slavery being a choice is a fact because all the black kids that were molested during slavery were all happy to have their innocence taken away from them. All those that were killed while trying to escape truly enjoyed being beaten and treated like piece of crap. 

Why would someone be killed for trying to escape if they had that freedom to choose like genius Kanye West said? Just when you think our stupidity as a society already hit the very low of lows, then you get hit with a statements like this from someone who calls himself a genius. We need prayers.