If Slavery is a "Choice"....

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Saying that years of slavery was a choice, is like saying:

1. Racism is a myth and never existed. Racism is fake news.

2. Rape is consensual and not a crime because it takes two to mingle.

3. Noose is a beautiful necklace that black people need to be grateful for.

4. "Black slaves" were actually White folks who choose to use black paint on their skin.

5. The Klans, like president Trump's dad, who was proud to be one, have the KKK initials because of their super kindness (kind-kinder-kindest) to black people.

6. President Trump's nick name is "Honest Trump" because he his the most truthful president we've ever known.

7. Kanye West's foolish view of slavery being a "choice" is a fact because all the black kids that were molested during slavery were all happy to have their innocence taken away from them. Separation of those families was a beautiful thing that they choose. All those that were killed while trying to escape truly enjoyed being beaten and treated like piece of crap. 

Why would someone be killed for trying to escape if they had that freedom to choose like self proclaimed "genius" Kanye West said? He said that black slaves could have escaped if they wanted to. Oh, I forgot he's trying to get on Trump's good side. Just when you think our stupidity as a society already hit the very low of lows, then you get hit with a statements like this from someone who calls himself a "genius." We need prayers.
I know some US-born African-Americans that dislike non-US born African Americans. I met some of these folks in college and they have gone as far as use the word "hate" when referring to African-Americans that are not born in the USA. They use words like traitors to describe them for selling their ancestors to slavery. Some were just simply angry calling these people "job takers." The sad part is the ignorance of those spreading hate because they fail to realize that a lot of those humans that were sold as slaves were forcefully taken away from their kids, wives, and families. And most of these non-US born African Americans are the descendants of those that had to suffer the pain of loosing a loved one to slavery and in some cases murder.

It's time to stop fighting foolishly and start finding more of what people have in common. I've noticed that some of the people who look down on others based on the color of their skin, do not believe they are racist; including the current president Trump who once suggested during an argument with my former boss (Jewish) - something to the effect of keep the good one's for "odd jobs" and "ship the rest of them back" as he jokingly referred to Africa. Yes, I understand he was raised with such mentality but this is no excuse for people not to learn, and grow up. "In time of ignorance, God overlooked..." - Acts 17:30-31.
Whites, brown or blacks can all be racist towards one another because racism is a state of mind that results in actions like distrust, disrespect, disassociation, dislike, disengaged relationship or treatment of others simply because they do not look like us. This in turn creates an ungodly tribalism that prevents people, including Christians from working together for a common goal.Some racists are worse than others just like "murder in the first" is different from "manslaughter" but it's all wrong.

Anyone who claims to love people regardless of their background, yet consciously  or unconsciously believes people are inferior or less important based on the color of their skin is simply a racist and there's no other way to slice it. God did not create anyone to be inferior based on the color of their skin. 

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