One Dozen Anniversary

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In May 2007 I decided to go on blogger to express my thought on a 23 years old unarmed black man (Sean Bell) who was killed a few months prior in a hail of about 50 bullets from NYPD, just hours before his wedding in New York City. Just like that a dozen years has gone by. I know we are still in April so save your jokes my friends. Those of you who have followed this page from start know that I've talked a lot about police injustice in society. No, I have nothing against police and for the record, my uncle (my mom's older brother) who passed away recently was a detective and a very good one - so not all cops are bad.

That said, my way of celebrating this milestone will simply be to THANK YOU all for your continued support by making the time to read, learn, share and study together. Even when I took time off in 2009 to attend to family issues and other personal stuff, you guys were more than supportive with your kind and uplifting messages. Since my return to blogger website, there's been a lot of transformation as you guys can clearly tell and the subject matter has evolved as well.

Abraham InetianborEven though I personally do not consider myself a "blogger" simply because this is not a career and I don't accept sponsorship or paid advertisements from individuals, companies, groups or anyone else, I do intend to keep this site online as long as I see the need to do so. Also, as some of you already know, I'm not one to overly celebrate "milestones" simply because I believe the biggest milestone is a totality of what you did with your life when you still had oxygen available to you. Again, I'm not against celebrating milestones either. I constantly have to remind people that because I don't like or do something doesn't mean I'm against it or think it's wrong. And if I do think something is wrong, I'll be sure to let you know my thoughts.

- To those I may have unintentionally offended in anyway, I deeply apologize. I may have used strong and firm words that some deem to be too harsh based on content. However, the context of any piece I write has zero ill-will. Strong disagreement should never be mistaken for hatred and we can all agree on the facts of any issue if we are being sincere.

- Calling the despicable actions of someone in authority "evil" is not part of my apology and I will never apologize for such. So don't get it twisted. Condemning the act doesn't mean I condemned the person for ever, which is something we humans have no right to do. Besides, if the apostles can call similar acts by kings and rulers evil, so can you and I.

A couple of years ago, some members of the LGBT community sent me a signed petition requesting that I apologize for saying "Love is not love because Agape is not Eros." I politely made it clear that I don't own God's truth and no one does. To those who are offended by me speaking God's truth in love, I cannot apologize on God's behalf so you will need to take it up with God; not me.

Abraham InetianborMy goal is to simply help people learn better and learn about life in general. We must oppose the ideas of being subjected to "controlled truth" or blind truth, which is often referred to as human traditions. Reduce the noise and false narratives being created by folks like my former NYC neighbor who is now one of the producers at the biggest conservative TV News network in America. He told me on multiple occasions that he hates being part of a culture that fills people's head with false narratives but refuses to change his ways because he believes he can go see a priest in the confessional every week to make it all go away. We are better than this and I will continue to speak on multiple subject matter as much as I possibly can especially if it relates to Christianity.

A professor at a popular christian university in California reached out recently to thank me for helping him re-visit the topic of worship with a better understanding and clarity. He has been a theology professor for more than two decades so he sure knows what worship is but according to him, he allowed himself to be blinded by "going with the flow" of human traditions that "takes the heart" out of everything. Things like this is the reason I sacrifice my time to write and chat every now and then. Besides, it's part of my journey and we all help each other grow. Maybe I should pick a topic to discuss today.

Lastly, take the time to review the bible passages that are cited in my "religious topics" to make sure that there is no human error. Always feel free to correct if there is. The number one reason I choose not to write out the entire scriptures most of the time is so people can grab their own bibles and double, triple or quadruple check. You owe it to your soul. Again, thanks much and stay blessed!

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