When Human desire replaces what God Requires

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Abraham Inetianbor
Love is not love; disagreement is not hatred; desire is not a license and human cravings for all kinds of pleasure cannot be stopped. However, cravings can be controlled unless we are willing to accept the consequences without shifting blame onto others. Some people call this topic of same sex relationship a sensitive topic but I happen to disagree. I believe we made it sensitive based on our actions towards the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender(LGBT) community. We send them to hell faster than we can spell the word hell. You need to loose every preconceived ideas of what you think and then read to the very bottom of this topic with an open mind. This is the best way to get the full picture or just stop reading right here, right now.

Homosexuality, adultery, lesbianism, polygamy, trans-sexuality, pornography, bi-sexuality, fornication, etc. are all forms of sexual engagement that the bible describes as sexual immorality. I'll do my very best not to quote too many bible verses. So I'm going to start with just "normal" talk. As I often say, you have the right to love and should love (Agape) anyone or everyone. But I believe that love (Eros) is only meant to be between a husband and wife. The difference here is that Agape means selfless and unconditional true love and Eros is sexual or erotic love. Both Greek words are used to describe "LOVE" but not all love are created equal. Some people say love is love but I say love is not love because agape is not eros.
Not all sins are obvious (1 Timothy 5:24-25) and this is why the bible warns about looking out for wolfs in sheep clothing. Sometimes it's in your face but sometimes you have to look a little deeper to see what's behind the curtain. We cannot use the excuse of "no one is perfect" to condone a visibly unrepentant sin. Same sex marriage is one of those sins that is right in your face.
I once told a friend of mine in New York who was a lesbian, that if she didn't believe "homosexuality" is a sin, then it is pointless for me to convince her why same sex marriage contradicts God's will for us. She obviously disagreed at the time but I wasn't going to let my personal feelings, relationship, friendship or state-of-religious commitment dictate or replace the bible truth. This same lady has since turned straight and married with kids. But back then, she invited me to her friend's same-sex engagement party and said: "I know you don't believe in LGBT stuff" but "if you're a true friend, you'll come with me tonight" because you "owe me one" and you know "I have no one to go with" tonight. Her point was it's not a "lesbian orgy" party buy just a celebration of love. I told her I believe in love but not in same sex relationships. Calling it "love" does NOT make it any different from what is actually is.

This is like telling someone who is naturally allergic to peanut that the only way to prove their friendship or loyalty, is to consume a jar of peanut butter in their stomach. The name "peanut butter" is different from the name peanuts but the allergic result will be the same. There is NO difference between "homosexuality" and same sex marriage. The "marriage" part of it does not change anything or make it more acceptable to God. If I'm not forcing you to accept my belief on this issue of same sex marriage to prove your friendship, why are you forcing me to accept your belief just to prove I'm your friend? We all need to understand that disagreeing with someone else's belief should not constitute hate or be seen as a sign of disloyalty. Our only loyalty should be to God and His word. 
Abraham Inetianbor
We all have desires. Imagine what the world would look like if everyone pursue their desires without any form of self-control. We all have a lot of things we would like to do but we choose to exercise self-control instead. Someone can argue that they have a "desire" to fornicate or commit adultery but the truth is that, the desire to do something is not always a license to do it. Committing a sin like adultery, homosexuality, fornication, lesbianism, idolatry etc. does not mean you will go to hell because repentance is a choice that is always open to all (1 Corinthians 6:11). The continuation in such sin without repentance is a different ball game. This means there is no intent to repent and the sin is being practice and perpetuated as a way of life with no godly sorrow.

  • We look at things that pleases the eyes even when we shouldn't
  • We listen to things that pleases the ears even when we shouldn't
  • We touch things that are pleasing to feel even when we shouldn't
  • We go to places that are questionable even when we shouldn't
My point is that SIN is what we do to satisfy our worldly desires by disobeying what God requires us to do. Even Adam and Eve disobeyed God by tasting something they shouldn't. When God says something is wrong, it is simply wrong. It's not our job to start asking why because we almost always know why.

Speaking of continuation in sin, there is a reason people are immediately alarmed when same sex couples are dating as opposed to heterosexual couples. This alarm is raised by something called the "appearance of evil" as seen in 1 Thessalonians 5:22 (KJV). Apostle Paul also made it clear that some sin are obvious than others (1 Timothy 5:24-25). Yes, we agree that sex is biblical and approved within the boundaries of marriage but there is no biblical approval for same-sex sexual relationships. 

So when same-sex couple starts "dating" and viewed by many as a relationship towards marriage, it is immediately seen by Christians as a continuation in sin (Romans 6:1-2). This is why the "alarms" go off and disassociation occurs. Heterosexual Men and women dated in the bible prior to marriage. This is called "courtship" and perfectly acceptable as long as the relationship does not violate God's boundary of intimacy. Going down this "straight" path does not automatically give any indication of the "appearance of evil" as it would with same sex couple; unless there is open and clear evidence of fornication taking place.

Dating or courtship between a man and a woman is not seen as continuation in sin because the ultimate goal of getting married is biblical and approved by God. Mary and Joseph courted each other. Speaking of Mary, when Mary got pregnant with the baby Jesus, people suspected she was impregnated by a man. This is no surprise because God's creation requires something from a man (sperm) to mix with something from a woman (eggs) in order for a child to be formed. I'm not here to talk about artificial insemination or fertilization, which also requires both egg and sperm, rather, the point I'm trying to make is that opposite sex were created to compliment each other with one of the benefits being the ability for humans to multiply.
Sex is very pleasurable and there are other things in life that we as humans find pleasures in, as listed above. Sex drive is a real thing and God recognizes this. The need to satisfy sensuality or sexual urges is nothing new. As for sexual help God provided a way out (1 Corinthians 7:1-4; 7:8-9) just as He provided a way for Adam at creation when He made Eve (Genesis 2:20-25). God created Adam and could have easily replicated this process for Adam number two and be over with. My point is, the all-knowing God did not have to go through the process of putting Adam to sleep and performing the first surgery by taking a rib to make a woman. If God is all-knowing, then we can all agree that He knows what sexual relationship is and with whom it should be. I often tell my LGBT friends who attend a "gay church" that you can't pick and choose what to believe or accept when it comes to God's instructions. It's a all or nothing deal with God when it comes to belief.

Abraham Inetianbor
The bible unequivocally condemns homosexuality just like it condemned idolatry (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). Now, let's read from verse 9 to verse 20 of the same 1 Corinthians 6. If  the bible says homosexuality is a sin, then we don't need a rocket science to know that same sex marriage is a sin. Human being is a very complex being with endless desire for anything pleasing and satisfying. The urge to satisfy our personal desires is mostly mistaken as a "human right" to do whatever we choose or feel like doing (1 Corinthians 6:12-13). Our choices all have consequences and as humans, we are the worst to decide what is good for us because we only choose what we desire instead of doing what God requires (James 1:14-15). So it's always best and wise to lean on God's wisdom, which is His word.
As for those who call same sex couples "domestic partners" for justification, we need to remember that in the beginning God understood the meaning of domestic partnership when he created Eve. He gave Eve to Adam as a "helper" in every way shape or form (Genesis 2:20). This is to tell you that man is definitely miserable and in need of great help from a woman. Eve was not only created to be a "helper" or "partner" to Adam, she was also created for sexual help as previously mentioned. Notice that Adam said in verse 12 of Genesis 3, the woman you gave me to "be WITH" or the woman you put here "WITH me." Regardless of what version of the original translation you are reading, the keyword here as I highlighted is "with" and carries a sense of intimacy.

This is often used throughout the scriptures to acknowledge the presence of a sexual relationship. The easiest example is Mary, the mother of Jesus as explained above. When Mary was pregnant, people said she had "been with a man" to suggest how she got pregnant. Also, God told Eve that child birth is going to be painful because of their disobedience (Genesis 3:16). This means that there was already a plan in place for intimacy (Genesis 2:24-25) that would lead to conception to grow the family (Genesis 1:28) through easy child birth prior to this curse. Just like getting food was easy for Adam prior to the curse.

Lastly, Whenever Jesus spoke about adultery, it was about a man and a woman. He even emphasized the point that God created male and female to become one flesh. We need to understand that same sex or homosexuality didn't start yesterday. It's been around for ages and was in existence during the time of Abraham and Lot. During the time of Jesus on earth, if Jesus recognizes such relationship as a relationship approved by God, I'm sure it would have been made clear by Him for how much he spoke about couples relationships and adultery. Even the apostles spoke so much about husband and wife relationships to the point that it was often used to describe Christ and His Church. But none ever spoke of same sex relationships as being approved by God; they condemned it instead.

We have to be sharp and steadfast in our rebuke of such acts without alienating the people from society because of their sin. If we hate them, how can we turn around and tell them to follow the instructions of the same bible that tells us not to hate anyone? Rebuke of a sinful action does not mean hatred. I believe the bible strongly disagree with same sex marriage and expressing my disagreement based on my belief should not turn into hatred or persecution towards those who practice such.

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