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We can not choose to be objective on a specific topic only based on how it affects us. Calling some God's law unimportant because we want to score points among humans is as low as we can go. Grading sin is like telling God about the "tax collector" (Luke 18:9-14) next to you. Jesus himself refused to grade sin (Luke 13:1-5). I've always referenced Paul's statement to Timothy that some sin are more obvious than others (1 Timothy 5:24-25) because some sin are right "in your face" but this doesn't mean we have the right to create a sin scale. If you have and believe in a scale, I guess you are a genius that figured out what "small sins" to commit and the "big ones" to stay away from. It's so hard for us to find a balance because we keep swinging from one extreme to another. We are more focused on self service or what benefits our line of thinking more than we do about the truth. This is why I've always warned against prioritizing the law of the land over the bible because our "favorite" choice for lawmakers are all flawed humans who will not live forever. Hold your bible close and closer everyday. It will not change.

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When you find yourself swinging out of control from one end of a pendulum to the other, it's best to slow down so you can find a balance - such is finding truth in life. What you prioritize or value more in life dictates how you think; your thinking shapes how well rounded you grow from various view points and who you become. The truth is the truth and not an option to be considered (2 Timothy 4:2-5). It's human for us to be super passionate about a particular topic or evil deed that we hate or can't stand. It's like everyone to his or her own these days and some people call this a "pet peeve" or whatever else we want to call it. Shouldn't evil just be evil and shouldn't wrong just be wrong? We claim not to grade sin yet we find ourselves choosing what we want to stand firm on while ignoring everything else. I hate grading sin because it is not the right thing to do but I can't say I haven't done so. I even have a mental list and I have to constantly remind myself that my list is useless and meaningless because I'm not God.

The reason I felt the need to quickly write this piece is because I heard and read some disturbing things this week. Some people said I have "sh#t*y priorities" and not focused on "real issues" like "innocent children being killed" and that I'm "too young" to understand history...etc. Most of these were fueled by the recent "abortion law" passed by the state of New York. Isn't this the same reason I've advocated one law (THE BIBLE) to Christians for years? How many times have I said we should focus only on what the bible calls right or wrong? I'm I missing something here? I've repeatedly called the bible the "Christian Constitution" and I get blasted for that too. Imagine what life would look like if men were gods. Lord have mercy.

Focusing on God's law is the only way we can know what is right or wrong. You don't have to look far to know what I believe on both ABORTION and HOMOSEXUALITY. Sadly, people want to pay attention to what they want to pay attention to and ignore everything else. Our ears are open to what we want to hear and not what we need to hear. For crying out loud, I am the one who originated the quote that "Love is not love because Agape is not Eros." Tell me what else people want to hear from me? Or should I start hating sinners who only break "your pet-peeve" law for people to be satisfied? As I have repeatedly said, we cannot force people to become Christians and this is a fact that remains true forever (2 Timothy 2:24-26). The last time I checked, this is a self sponsored website and deliberately made so for a reason. Anyone has as much right to go open a website and debate similar issues with biblical references. So why focus on pointless verbal attacks simply because you think someone has no right to say something about anything that you feel passionate about.

I do my very best to be as objective with any topic as humanly possible. And to the person who said my priority is "sh#t*y" while referring to a topic I wrote about the current leader of the free world, please, ask yourself these: is it my fault that your most cherished leader pretty much checks all the boxes on the six things that God hates including the seventh that is detestable to Him? It's one thing to check boxes like all of us do one way or another but I'm I responsible for him always doubling down on sin instead of advocating repentance or a positive change? Who's priority is actually misplaced; someone who agrees with an issue that you are passionate about or you who can't seem to notice the common grounds we share? Why do people prioritize criticizing me instead of either asking what my belief is on a particular topic or at the very least check to see if I already have it covered? Like it or not, we all need to focus on getting better. Being lukewarm or going backwards is never the better option. God does not expect perfection but He expects commitment and growth.

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The reason the sin that some of you and I hate the most is not on this Proverbs 6:16-19 list is because these are the "little things" that leads to ALL kinds of sin. We don't take them seriously because sadly, we think we know what should be considered "detestable" to God. Child molester is number one on what I call "my stupid list" but it's not listed here. Does that mean it's not a sin or not prioritized by God? This list is by no means in a ranking order and God is not foolish. The reason I call my list stupid is because everyone has a chance to repent and be forgiven. My critics seem to be only locked in on number three in Proverbs 6:16-19 that talks about a hand that shed innocent blood; and calling everything else meaningless. If this type of mindset is not ranking sin, I'd like to know what is. You can see from this chart that Numbers 1, 4 and 5 can easily lead anyone to all kinds of sin or a lifestyle that is not approved by God.

So if we are going to pound the table and scream about hands that shed innocent blood, please do the same for an arrogant lying tongue or a wicked heart that creates division among people. This will help when talking to people about God in general because they will know what we believe and stand for instead of giving them more reasons to keep calling us "a bunch of hypocritical losers." Now you see why our human "wisdom" is nothing but foolishness when compared to God's way of thinking (1 Corinthians 1:25-31). We know nothing because we are nothing without His grace.

The bible is EVERYTHING and we can either take it or leave it. So my suggestion is, the next time we find ourselves trying to choose what God's law is more important than the other, slow down and take a deep breath. Find the middle part of the pendulum before taking sides on an issue. We don't want to keep bouncing back and forth from the human (government) side to God's side only when it favors us. We should ALWAYS be on God's side just like the bible is always on God's side. This blog is not our bible; I'm just here to help and no human is the bible. I'm thankful when I hear majority of you express your appreciation for the help - thankful because I learn from you too and such is life. I'm also thankful for the negative criticism because it gives me more reasons to remain objective. 

Abraham InetianborSome of us know and can break down the details of the "second amendment" more than "John 3:16" - hypothetically speaking. This is simply because we only prioritize and indulge in what sounds good to us and feeds into our human narratives. No, we don't need to know the entire bible, we just need to prioritize God and be willing to learn and grow. This is what I actually call misplaced priority. Second amendment has more to do with our commitment to our earthly government and John 3:16 has more to do with our commitment to our spiritual life. There's nothing wrong with knowing both but when we ignore one (the spiritual) to focus on the other (the physical), then we have a major problem. Jesus needed us to understand this in John 4:30-34. Before anyone starts running around saying I hate guns, please, notice it was just an example to help get our priorities straight. I personally (opinion) think people have the right to own guns but I'm also personally opposed to "automatic assault riffles" flooding the streets in the name of protection. If you need automatic assault riffle that bad, you might as well start carrying grenades and "nuclear weapons" in your pocket. Well, I wrote on this before so let me stop typing now before I open another "can of worm" for people to crucify me. Have a great year everyone.

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