Jesus The Immigrant

What Jesus the Christ has in common with DACA kids - aka dreamers.
If the apostle Paul was still alive, he would probably be inspires to say: Oh foolish "American Christians" who has so bewitched you? (Gal. 3:1) I had to replace the word Galatians with American Christians. Wrong is wrong regardless of who the perpetrator is. We can condemn wrong doings without condemning a person. Shame on "evangelical leaders" and other Christian leaders including their base for joining the White house to treat DACA - a moral issue like a political football. DACA is a moral issue, not political. No one is advocating illegal immigration and DACA kids are NOT illegal immigrants. Good people disobey bad laws. Like Dr. M.L. King said: "One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws." 

"Jesus of Nazareth" as he is often called, was born in Bethlehem not Nazareth. Yes, we know the prophecy had to be fulfilled but Jesus the Christ was taken by his parents as a baby to Egypt and eventually to Nazareth when it was safe to do so. His parents did not take him from a rich and convenient place like "Norway" instead they ran for their lives from a dangerous place and government. This same Jesus that we claim to follow said that "Pure Religion" is to help take care of those who are less fortunate. 

We have failed as a people (In God We Trust). We have failed as a religion (Christians aka Christ-like). Most especially, we have failed as humans because there's nothing humane about using kids that grew up in our country, which they've always called home, as political football. They came here with no fault of their own and are Americans in every way just like Jesus Christ the immigrant. No, "genius Trump" countries like Mexico do not "send its people" - people send themselves in search of a better life. I do not expect you to understand this because daddy wrote you a fat check from the money he made on the backs of immigrants and colored people. 

Sadly, the Republican controlled House and Senate that has a base full of mostly evangelicals who are the strongest proponents of "morality" seem to have lost their souls in bowing down to "trump-ism" - if this is even a word. Yet we wonder why people don't listen when we talk about Jesus. We call on the name of Jesus and wonder why more and more people are refusing to believe in His name. It's because of simple things like this that the world believes the people of God should stand up for and support instead of becoming a "trump puppet". 

It's so bad that the countries that use to look up to us as the light on the hill, now sees us as inspiration for comedy scripts when writing their late night jokes. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves as a country especially the so called Christians. Yes, I said so called because most of us seem to be lost right now. I am personally ashamed of myself for not fighting more for DACA. No, this article is not good enough because we can all do a little more to stop this political madness. On Easter, when the focus should be on the one who rose from the dead, our president had to open his mouth an say: "DACA is dead." This is the same person that bragged about bring merry christmas back, even though it's not true.

It is in the human 'DNA' to have excuses for doing wrong. The number one quality of a good and true leader is not perfection, rather, it is the ability to understand the simple fact that the majority of the people you lead (even when they disagree with your policies) want to be able to point to you when they talk to their kids about how to conduct themselves when they grow up. Mr. Trump, most of your evangelical supporters are ashamed of what you morally stand for but they just happen to love money more than morals  so you always get a pass. 

Naturally, we crave and look up to leadership. This is simply because we need that person that can help us maintain some balance in sanity regardless of our policy positions. As a leader, Trump has not only given us the key to okay the continuous derailment of our moral standard and accountability as a people, he has also given us the courage to trample on it even after it fell below low of lows.