Jesus The Immigrant

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Abraham Inetianbor
Read this with an open mind because I'm not writing this to debate legal or illegal immigration. This is specifically DACA related. What does Jesus the Christ has in common with DACA kids - aka dreamers? They were both baby migrants fleeing to a better situation.
If the apostle Paul was still alive, he would probably be inspires to say: Oh foolish "American Christians" who has so bewitched you? (Gal. 3:1). I had to replace the word "Galatians" with American Christians. The reason people are so obsessed about getting rid of "dreamers" is not because the dreamers did anything wrong and they obviously did not make a conscious decision to come here illegally as kids and babies.

The true reason is clear to the naked eyes because we don't see the same hatred and emotions being used towards those illegal immigrants or overstayed visas from the Canadian border. Illegal immigrants from the north, is more than the southern border according to the current numbers from the department of homeland security but no one is screaming foul. These "anti-dreamers club" is being led by a well known son of a K.K.Klan who calls himself a nationalist. This man who is also a narcissist happens to be the founder of the "birther movement."

www.abrahaminetianbor.comTreating DACA - a moral issue like a political football is a shame. No one is advocating illegal immigration and DACA kids are NOT illegal immigrants. Well, unless you believe in your heart that a 6 months old baby can make it across the boarder on its own or come here legally and stay here on an expired visa. If there's any blame/penalty here, it should be directed at the parents and not the innocent kids who are now adults. They are being forced to pay the price for the choices made by their parents. Sometimes good people break both good and bad laws. Any laws created against DACA kids is a bad law just like bad laws were created during the time of Daniel that got him into the Lion's den. Dr. M.L. King once said: "One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws." 
"Jesus of Nazareth" as he is often called, was born in one location and grew up in another.

Yes, we know the prophecy had to be fulfilled but Jesus the Christ migrated with His parents when it was not safe to remain at their location. His parents did not take Him from a rich, safe and convenient place like "Norway" to an unsafe location - the opposite happened. His parents (following instruction) ran for their lives from a dangerous king who wanted Jesus killed to a safer location as immigrants. This same Jesus who we claim to follow, through the words of the scriptures said that "Pure Religion" is to help take care of those who are less fortunate. No, we can't save the world but we can do our best and not pretend to be doing our best.
  • We have failed as a people (In God We Trust). 
  • We have failed as the called out (Christians aka Christ-like)
There's nothing humane about using kids that grew up in this country as a political football especially when this is where they have always called home. They came here with no fault of their own and are Americans in every way. Countries like Mexico do not "send its people" - people send themselves in search of a better life for them and their kids. I do not expect President Trump to understand this because daddy wrote him a big fat check from the money made on the backs of immigrants and colored people; the same people that you want gone. Donald, think about changing your ways my friend. I don't expect you to read this but I'm hoping you will "buckle up and grow up" like Beth always said.

Sadly, Trump's base, which is full of mostly evangelicals, seems to have lost their souls in bowing down to a human. Yet we wonder why unbelievers don't want to listen when we talk about Jesus who is the pillar of morality. It's so bad that the countries who use to look up to us as the light on the hill, now sees us as inspiration for comedy scripts and punch lines for their late night jokes.

Abraham Inetianbor
I am personally ashamed of myself for not fighting more for DACA as much as I should in the past. No, this article is not good enough because we all can do a little more to stop this political madness. On Easter, when the world is supposedly focused on the one who rose from the dead, our president had to open his mouth in front of little kids and say: "DACA is dead" simply because he can't help himself. It is in the human 'DNA' to have excuses for doing wrong but the number one quality of a true leader is not perfection, rather, it is the ability to understand basic human decency and admit wrong. The majority of the people you lead (even when they disagree with your policies) want to be able to point to you when talking to their kids about how to conduct themselves as grownups. Naturally, we crave and look up to leadership. This is simply because we need people that can help us maintain some balance in sanity regardless of our differences in issues of policy. I guess those days are gone because some Christians and evangelicals just happen to love money more than morals. The deep pockets will always get a pass.

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