Our Opinion vs God's Truth

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A window is broken, regardless of what you think happened, you MUST first acknowledge the undeniable fact that there is a broken window. Some may think it was an accident and others will have their opinion that an intentional crime has been committed. Even if you are right in your thought of what happened, it still doesn't change the basic fact that a window is broken. Therefore, everyone must first agree that a window is broken.

God's truth is not broken so He doesn't need us to fix it with our opinions. When someone tells you something about the bible, first look at it's content. If it's in there, ask how it fits in the context then finalize by having them corroborate it with the other parts of the bible, which is also called cross-referencing. If these three can be successfully done without manipulation, then you have God's basic truth that nothing can change. Not your opinion or mine can change it. This is how you separate God's truth from human traditions or laws.

Christians who defensively said that "nobody is perfect" and misapplying quotes like "come as you are," is the reason LGBT churches like "Broadway united church of Christ" exist in New York and other cities. It sounds good to everyone when you say things like no one is perfect but God already knew this when He sent His son to die. He also knew this before He said: "If you love me, keep my commands" (John 14:15). He also knew no one is perfect when He said not all who say "Lord" shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but those that do His will (Matthew 7:21). I'm not talking "perfection" so don't get it twisted. My point is, we cannot create new "bible laws" from true or fancy statements like these in order to excuse our sins instead of seeking forgiveness for our imperfections.

In matters of faith and doctrine, we must first establish the truth and everything else is secondary. We must first agree on the basic truth that (example) baptism by immersion is essential to becoming a child of God. We can have a healthy debate about how to handle some guy on his death bed and everything else but this doesn't change the simple fact that baptism is indeed important. We all have our opinions on almost every issue in life but our opinion is meaningless when it comes to matters of faith and doctrine. Yes, we need healthy debates to get it right but the debate must not change the simple fact that there is only ONE TRUTH. Turning a "great suggestion" or opinion into LAW is wrong and crossing the line.

Sadly, I saw first hand how human traditions can quickly turn a congregation upside down. Musical instruments were introduced into a youth worship program in the name of "fun" and a female Associate Minister appointed in the name of "diversity" and equality (1 Timothy 2:11-13). All these and a choir aka "worship team" quickly became a fixture every Sunday morning at the "Manhattan church of Christ" in New York City. Someone had a "great idea" about having a "worship team" stand in front of everyone with microphones and let their loud beautiful voices make a "better melody" to God. I guess God only wants melody from a few people (Ephesians 5:19). Just because the human way sounds good doesn't make it right (Proverbs 14:12). The ONLY way to establish right or wrong is to rely on three things: God's truth, God's truth and God's truth. Oops sorry, all three are the same.

Abraham InetianborWhen it comes to issues of opinion, I believe a lot of us would like to know what apostle Paul thinks is best. He made it clear what he personally thinks or prefers (2 Corinthians 8:8; Philemon 1:8 and 14) versus what God's truth is. The best way to understand this is to read the book of Philemon. The entire book is like one page - one chapter so read it. Paul through the Holy Spirit told Philemon that "...although in Christ I could be bold and order you to do what you ought to do, yet I prefer to appeal to you on the basis of love..." to make your own judgement on this issue. The issue at hand was Paul wanting a reunion between Philemon and his estranged servant Onesimus (Onisimi). Paul then gave his suggestion, opinion, plea and even begged for a favor because he knew that the reunion is the best possible way to resolve things between them (vs. 14). However, Paul was not willing to cross the line of making his "best suggestion" into God's law.

Being a sinful man saved by grace in a sinful world, it's tough enough to walk in the light in appreciation for His salvation. Why would anyone want to add contradictory human laws to the bible and make things more complicated? We don't get to ignore God's command, replace it with our opinions and then when people refuse to follow our human opinions, we quote scriptures like 1 Corinthians 8:8-13 even when it's not applicable. Matters of opinions like eating meat sacrificed to idols should not be our fall-back verse for all issues. Paul was addressing a matter of opinion in that chapter and specifically talking to people who are being deliberate in their actions even when they knew they have options. They can eat that meat behind close doors without anyone ever knowing because idols have no meat and there is no law that forbids eating meat. Instead, they choose to "rub it in" by eating it in front of anyone and everyone including the new converts.

Our duty is to let people know God's truth and then appeal to them on what is best when it comes to matters of opinion. Appealing to people the way Paul did to Philemon is way way better than hiding God's truth or forcing our opinions on them in the name of what is best. Depending more on our own understanding instead of God's truth is like making rules from thin air. We cannot keep treating those human rules as if they are God's truth. Always remember that God did not forget to put our opinions in the bible. There is only one truth - let's get it right and get our priority straight.

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