Who Do You Think You Are To Talk About Trump?

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This question in the title is often asked of me with profanity especially from what I call the team with the Trump-ism movement but I have the clean version on this post's title as you can see. If speaking truth to power or stating a matter of fact in reality is considered "resentment" then have it your way folks. As long as I live, I will continue to "resent" or speak against bullying, divisiveness, discrimination, spread of hate and racism. Resentment of such actions does not mean I "hate" the actor(s) or individuals involved.

Sometimes I feel like today's Christians have the original mindset of Peter and the other apostles who thought Jesus needed an army to fight a physical battle for a physical kingdom. This same individual that my friends are calling "God sent President" has said on several occasions that he doesn't need forgiveness from Jesus because he has "never done anything" in his life to need forgiveness "from someone like Jesus..." while adding that he has never been to jail or convicted of any crime. I guess only those in jail or prison need Jesus. If we can't call evil acts evil, then we can not call good deeds good.

Yes, I use to call the actions of Trump "bar-jesus"/Elymas way before his political life and now I'm lost for words. This was way back in the day before the rest of the country knew the political Trump. "Elymas" as you may know is the Jewish sorcerer in Acts chapter 13, whom Paul the apostle described as an enemy of everything that is right or good. "Full of deceit and Trickery" as stated in verse number 10. The Trump I know truly believe that any one that is non "white" is a threat to the American agenda of becoming a "great country." No, I don't hate him because hate is a very strong word plus there's zero room in my head for anyone to live rent free. We should hate evil, not people. So good luck with trying to make me hate anyone. I believe I know him enough and know that he's been the true definition of deceit and division for years with no intent to change - intent matters. Forget about what you've seen him do or heard him say politically. I'm speaking from a real life point of view, which I have the right to do.
I'm not telling you who to vote for because politics is corrupt left and right. We've all voted for and will continue to vote for non-Christians as part of our civic duties. But please do not go out of your way to defend the evil actions of those you voted for when you know better; and I do not have the godly right to do the same either. Swamp doesn't take away swamp just like darkness doesn't take away darkness; light does (John 1:5).
Book, chapter and verse may be at stake in our churches these days but basic human decency is what is at stake in our society today. This is one of the reasons we can't seem to be able to communicate book, chapter and verse to people anymore because they don't want to hear it from us after we go out of our ways to defend the evil deeds of our favorite political figures especially those who intentionally create division among us. I guess these "evangelicals" wants me to be like the self proclaimed divisive racist Spencer saying "Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory" as he toasted to the crowd at one of his many public white nationalist event. Then going on to claim in an interview that if it wasn't for Trump they won't be back in the main stream. Not the first racist to make such claim; ask David Duke.
I'm by no means perfect but thankfully I do not seek compadres whenever I see the need to take a stand for a cause that I believe in, even when I'm the only one standing. Those who know me know I'm definitely not someone looking to please people by following "the crowd" for a ride along because my loyalty is not to any human. I respect and love people. The love and respect remains even when I disagree with someone. I'm that "popular kid" in high school that other popular kids hated because I refused to take their side when they bully others. I am that kid with all the recipe for fame and popularity but refuses to cook it up because popularity contest in not and never was part of my DNA.

Not every decisions I've made in life have been right and not every decision I make going forward will be right but my everyday prayer is for God to stir me away from any decision that would cause me to deny His existence completely or take His grace for granted. I'm not perfect and never will be, but for His grace. Someone consciously waking up daily to make the lives of other people miserable simply because of the color of their skin is definitely something I will not stand for. I prefer to be called "Mr. Misunderstood" rather than trying to fit in. When the circumstance involves pleasing the crowd or following the crowd with no purpose, then count me out. At the very least, basic human decency creates sanity in society so people can have dialog instead of never ending fight.

www.abrahaminetianbor.comHate mail use to be from the white nationalist but now, the ones I get from the so called evangelicals make the KKKs look like saints from heaven. I'm yet to understand why a "love preaching" people would hate someone so much that they use phrases like "want your head on a stick." If your plan is to behead those who disagree with your political belief, what makes you different from the Islamic extremists? It's sickening to know how far some bible preaching people are willing to go for someone like Trump who I nicknamed bar-jesus for his actions. Just know that your threats will not stop me from speaking the truth. I think it's time to start asking ourselves if our political affiliation is bigger than the cross. I cannot condone Trump's continuous despicable unrepentant actions and look at my smart kid in the eyes with a straight face. Wrong is wrong regardless if my name is Abe or Trump.

Yes, I recently wrote a book titled "The Christian Way - Christianity is not a title - It's a way of life." I wrote the book almost the same way I write my blog posts, which is to "pen down" my thoughts about a particular topic or issue and make it available to those who will listen; then I move on. I've also been critical of Trump's leadership because I'm sick and tired of some Christians who are willing to crown him "King David" and call his leadership style "biblical leadership" that "promotes Christianity" simply because he said "Two Corinthians" and "Merry Christmas" to the same people he just finished demonizing with insensitive and profanity-laced insults? Really? The devil can do better than that because the devil actually believes in God (James 2:19-20) unlike an unbelieving person who is using the name of God in vain to get votes. So don't play the "he his human" card with me.
How can you defend the actions of someone who is prideful, arrogant, divisive, an unrepentant lying tongue, with heart filled with hatred used to openly insult, bully and literally name calling people nonstop; how? Someone, please, tell me.  We only remember grace when the person belongs to our party. Did we forget about Matthew 7:6? We allow the good news about Jesus to be laughed at and trampled upon when the so called "christian/evangelical" political party spend all year cheering for evil tongue being paraded by the president and then that same president turns around on the steps of the white house on December 25th to say "Merry Christmas." He can't even finish his 5 mins "merry Christmas" celebration without insults and name calling. Lord have mercy.
Steve Bannon in the white house was no accident. All the racists coming out of the woods to support one of their most popular defenders, did not do so when Bush was in office. President Bush is a white man but you don't hear the white nationalist describing him as their "savior" or "leader" nor did he ever find a way to condone their actions. Now the 2018 republican candidate for governor in Florida who was endorsed by Trump, calls himself a "mini Trump" and "Trump replica." One of his campaign ad is him reading a book of Trump to his toddler while encouraging the toddler to build a wall with something that looks like a set of lego bricks because he wants to be Trump in every way possible. Let's hope he will change his ways.

This same Florida candidate is the same person who spoke in support, not once, not twice, at least 4 times at events organized by white nationalist and the likes to promote racism and discrimination. If you are still mad because I speak against racism, you are just wasting your precious time and I'll keep praying for you. Speaking the truth about someone's action is not character assassination. Wrong is wrong no matter who the person is. When I'm wrong, it's my duty to apologize and move on; it's not the time to give excuses or attack back. If I spend time worrying about everyone's opinion of me, then I'll worry myself until I go six feet under, and still not have the answers as to why people believe or think what they think. So, when I say I don't care about what people say as long as I do my very best, I literally mean I know and hear inaccurate things that are extremely far from the truth like night and day but I don't loose sleep over any of it.
Does it bother me at first when people assassinate my character? Yes it does. Last time I checked I'm human but the disappointment disappears just as fast. Life is too short to be loosing sleep over things that you do not have control over. I've learned to be "wise as a serpent and harmless like a dove" when dealing with people in general. What matters more should be the things that God does to put your adversaries to shame. He make a fool of those who wish failure on you. Imagine if men were gods, thankfully they're not. I tell my daughter almost on a daily basis I prefer she treat people with respect and dignity than come home with straight 'A'. Having both will be a blessing but you get the point. So the next time we choose to defend evil actions simply because we prefer money over morals; money over manners; or party over humanity, just remember the words of Gary Vay that said:

“Legacy is greater than currency.” - Gary Vaynerchuk

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